Sports Tech Company Kitman Labs Makes Second Acquisition

Irish sports tech company Kitman Labs has announced the acquisition of Presagia Sports from Presagia, maker of employee-management software. The new acquisition boosts its client base giving the Irish company more than 110 new clients in the United States including many in the prestigious National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) teams. Kitman Labs was established in Dublin in 2012. The tech company was founded with the aim of providing client organizations with a performance intelligence platform with the capabilities to monitor data about athletes. With this platform, sports fans can easily track and analyze players’ individual stats in order to make well-predicted wagers on sports betting sites. Most of these sites feature popular sporting events like football, hockey, basketball and many more. 

Kitman Labs technology also features a cloud-based system that allows coaches to integrate and compile data about players. This includes all the important data about players including players’ fitness, performance, and overall health to allow for better decision-making on development, training, and game strategy. 

Kitman boasts a client base of more than 600 clients including members of the EPL, NFL, MLB, NHL, UFC, Chinese Super League, Bundesliga, and Premier Rugby. Last year, the company raised $6m of funding which was invested into developing the platform to help teams cope with the pandemic. The software was a welcome development giving coaches the ability to check on their players and bring them back to their full form.

The acquisition of Presagia makes for a huge advancement though the company had purchased British outfit, The Sports Office the year earlier. Presagia is a long-lived builder of HRs software specialized in helping enterprises increase efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance. 

The merger of both tech companies will form what could be described as ‘the large dataset’ gathered from a global network of sports leagues, governing bodies, and professional and development clubs.

Announcing the deal, Kitman Labs said the acquisition of Presagia Sport “furthers the Kitman Labs mission to empower sports organisations to consolidate all athlete data and operations into a single platform and unite every department around shared intelligence”.

Stephen Smith, founder and CEO of Kitman, said: “Sports medicine is at an exciting inflection point driven by exploding volumes of sports data combined with the demand to eliminate silos and integrate medical insights into performance and coaching decisions.

“We are excited to partner with Presagia Sports clients to create the future of their sports medicine programmes by further developing their EMR capabilities and creating a united approach across all departments.”

Smith added: “More data across age groups means better research on the youth-to-professional lifecycle. The added data from hundreds of organisations also allows us to advance our analytics offerings around injury risk, improving the wellbeing and career longevity of athletes across the globe.”

Rene Beaudoin, CEO of the Presagia Corporation, commented: “We are thrilled to have found the right partner for our sports clients in Kitman Labs, who has a powerful vision for the market and offers incredible resources with deep knowledge of sports.

“This will allow us to strategically focus on our rapidly growing absence management business which enables employers to compliantly and efficiently manage the 600-plus leave laws in the US and Canada, all while knowing our sports clients are in excellent hands.”