The best advice is to spend less time on social media. Unless you are running a Shopify store where you are selling predominantly to your friends or Facebook group, then you need to spend far less time on social media. It is possible to get returns from your investments in social media, but they take a very long time and you don’t have four or five years to make it big on social media. If you try the get-famous-quick methods that are smeared all over the internet, then you are a fool. If they actually worked, then everybody would do it. Do not despair. You should spend less time on social media. This article will help you spend less time on social media by making you far more efficient.

Only Post Once Per Week

This runs contrary to everything you read on the Internet, but once per week is more than enough to generate a strong following over a number of years. Creating more and more on a daily basis has a dramatic drop off in potential return. The people who are eager for attention on social media and not more, are often the type who can spend all week making content. You cannot because you have a business to run. Instead, create a good piece of content once per week (even less frequently if needed), and post it on the same day at the same time. Again, you can post more often, but you will see diminishing returns.

Make a Single Piece of Content

Continuing on from the previous point, you should only post once per week (if that) and you can do it with just one piece of content in many cases. Sure, you cannot turn your artwork into a podcast, but there are plenty of ways to cut up your content and spread it across social media accounts. Even if all you have is one poster or promotional image, you can spread it across all the social media platforms, including the traditionally video-based platforms like Rumble, YouTube and TikTok. An image with some relevant music is fine. It won’t win you any awards, but you can tailor your campaigns in a few years when your social media account has a decent standing.

Followers Don’t Matter

This is mostly true. Your number of followers is no determiner of success. Don’t waste your time trying to analyze the phenomenon either because the social media platforms do not operate in a consistent manner, so there is no way to get a correct result. Even people with one million followers can see one post get 300K views, and another post the day after gets only 2K views. Do not put so much focus on followers. Put more of your effort into impact and effective marketing. It is commonly believed that most social media platforms will put your content through a user test. For example, with TikTok, if the first several viewers click the heart symbol, then TikTok continues to promote your post. 

A similar thing happens with YouTube, which is why the unlisted trick used to work so often. The unlisted trick is where you post your video, but you keep it unlisted and then you pay for likes and views. Then, when you publish it (list it), the post is highly recommended because the content had a high success rate with the first set of followers to see it. This exploit has been removed by Google/YouTube, but it goes to reaffirm the idea that social media tests your content after it is posted, and the most effective content will often become more successful as a result.

But I Need Results Now

If you are in a position where you need social media results very quickly, then consider using a social media account marketplace. You can see it here. There are people selling off their social media accounts for good amounts of money. As a small business, you may buy their already-populated accounts. It gives you direct access to a crowd of potential buyers. It is up to you how you manage those accounts, but if you use them up, or you exhaust their usefulness, you can always hop back onto the marketplace and sell them.

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