Skills and training to boost your CV

CV, or Curriculum Vitae, is a document that covers your professional profile. It has all the details from your education to your working experience. A major component of a CV is skills and training. This part displays the skill set that you possess and the training you have undertaken. Given the increasing competition, it is the additional skills and training that make a person stand out from the lot.

Skills and Training

There are many different skills and training that you can add to your CV. Skills can either be soft skills or hard skills. Soft skills include a combination of social skills, people skills, and communication skills. These are an addition to the personality of the individual. Hard skills are more technical in nature. These could include certain software, certifications, professional degrees, and more.

Your CV should include a combination of soft and hard skills. These skills should match the demand of the market as well as the role you have applied for. There are certain skills that are always in demand and an individual can benefit from those. You can learn and practice such skills and put them on your CV. This will boost your CV and increase your visibility.

Some of these skills are:

Leadership skills

Leadership is the ability to guide and direct. Having leadership skills means that you can take a lead and manage your team. This soft skill is needed in today’s dynamic world. Candidates that possess leadership skills are preferred because this shows that they can be further promoted to managerial or executive-level positions.

Communication skills

Earlier communication skills focused on one-on-one communication abilities. It could be a presentation or a sales pitch. Nowadays, digital communication is a part of communication skills. It has many sub-components like how to write an effective email, how to be a good presenter online, and how to communicate with a group through messengers. All these skills are high in demand as a lot of workforces are still online. So, this is a must-have communication skill.

Digital Office skills

As communication has shifted online, so has a major portion of work. A lot of it is handled through basic software sourced by Microsoft. Even if an organisation follows a different office suite, the basic functionality remains the same. So to be considered relevant in a virtual workplace, it is essential to be equipped with the necessary digital office skills. These can include excel, word documents, PowerPoint, teams, and more. An individual who is well versed with this software is a better addition as it saves on training for the organisation.

Data Analytics

Data is everywhere. Understanding the basics of data analytics can give your profile an edge over others. This skill is relatively tough to understand and apply, but it has great potential in the future. In the coming times, data analytics might become a part of every role possible, so if you have this skill, you will be ready to welcome the future.


Skills can easily be learned online. You do not need to have basic training or any prerequisite knowledge to learn more or add more to your profile. As per your convenience and need, you can learn new skill sets on the internet. These will help to boost your CV and push your professional journey.