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What are the most lucrative options for career-oriented women? According to numerous studies and research, women state that jobs in the pharmaceutical industries, consulting services, and public relations are the ones that provide them with the most job satisfaction. Furthermore, women are likely to recommend jobs in information services, consulting, and accounting industries to underqualified women. That said, whether you are a college student, an experienced professional, or someone who is just looking for a career change, you have to make your choice carefully.

Women are now making considerable strides in previously male-dominated career options. The lines of career limitations are blurrier than ever. A woman has to play various roles- mother, daughter, sister, friend, wife, etc. Women are natural-born multitaskers. So, as a woman, you have to find a career option that doesn’t compromise these roles but allows you to earn a good amount of money. If you think such a thing is impossible, then think, again! Today, we will highlight six options that are the most lucrative for career-oriented women in 2021. Please keep reading to find them listed below.


An engineer’s job is to repair, design, and modify mechanical, electrical, computer, or physical structures. Their areas of specialty include mechanical, electrical, chemical, computer, and civil engineering. Educational requirements vary from specialization to specialization. However, A four-year bachelor’s degree, followed by a specialization in an engineering discipline, is an absolute requirement.

Earning will vary across different engineering disciplines. However, expect median salaries in the six-figure range. For example, chemical engineers can earn a median salary of around 96,616 dollars per year. Generally, the median pay scale of female engineers is approximately 65,468 dollars per year.

Public Relations Director

A Public relations director has to maintain the brand image of an organization, service, or product, spreading awareness about them to a target audience. PR directors can find employment opportunities in businesses and PR agencies.

A public relations director usually holds a campus-based or online liberal studies degree, a communications degree, or any other business-related degree. To advance your career and manage teams or large brands, you must also acquire an MBA and years of experience. According to a pay scale, data based on 296 survey responses shows that the role is more women–dominated, where 81.4 percent among the 296 responders were women. The median salary of a female PR director is around 88,000 dollars per year.


A lawyer has to represent and counsel individual clients, government organizations, nonprofits, businesses on legal issues. They represent them in court by filing or fighting against lawsuits. Lawyers also sometimes negotiate with other parties and bring forth solutions that benefit their clients the most.

To become a lawyer, candidates must first obtain a four-year bachelor’s degree, followed by completing three years of training in an accredited law school. After doing so, candidates also have to appear and acquire a passing score in their state’s bar exam. Females who want to work as lawyers can earn a median income of around 91,624 dollars per year.

Information Systems And Computer Manager

Information system and computer managers, also known as IT managers, analyze an organization’s computer requirements and implement strategies that allow business and technical operations to function smoothly. They have to stay up-to-date with the latest and most cutting-edge technologies, pitch technical ideas and solutions, and recommend upgrades to top executives. After securing the necessary funding, IT managers plan and oversee computer hardware and software installation and maintenance.

Candidates usually have to acquire a four-year bachelor’s degree in the IT or computer sciences field to become information systems and computer managers. Furthermore, to increase the chances of employment, candidates can also acquire a master’s degree in the computer sciences field. The median salary of an IT manager is around 89,000 dollars per year.


A psychologist has to work with individuals with behavioral, cognitive, and mental health issues. They also have to study various mental health disorders and administer proper behavioral treatments to their patients. A psychologist isn’t licensed to hand out medical prescriptions like a psychiatrist. However, they can work with other healthcare professionals to manage treatments that involve both medication administration and therapy.

To become a psychologist, candidates have to obtain a bachelor’s degree in counseling or psychology, followed by a campus-based or an online masters in counseling or psychology. Although some states also require candidates to complete a doctorate to obtain licensure for clinical practice. The median salary of a psychologist is around 79,000 dollars per year. Another option is to look at a course to qualify you as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP)

HR Manager/ Recruiter

HR managers have to work with various issues related to existing and potential employees. Recruiters have to search for candidates to fill open positions. They also interview them and hire individuals that fit the bill. HR managers or recruiters may also hold training sessions for existing or new employees, develop policies and programs, and work with employee benefits and payrolls.

Candidates can acquire a bachelor’s degree in human resources, business management, finance, information technology, or education to work as HR managers. However, candidates have to obtain a master’s degree in human resources, business management, or labor relations to apply for higher positions. The median salary of an HR manager/recruiter is around 68,000 dollars per year.


Women have different standards, experiences, and goals for finding the right career for them. Suppose you’re a highly motivated, talented woman. In that case, you have a high chance of shattering the glass ceiling and landing the job of your dreams. The career choices mentioned in this article are some of the many great professions out there for females looking to work in different industries and earn top money!

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