Six Iconic Video Game Characters Who Wear Glasses

Six Iconic Video Game Characters Who Wear Glasses

From classic aviators to surgically-attached eyewear modifications, video game characters sport a near-infinite array of glasses. Below we round up six of the most iconic spectacle-wearing characters and the credentials that have earned them a place on this list.

Lezard Valeth – Valkyrie Profile 

This iconic character from the popular role-playing video game franchise Valkyrie Profile is known for his necromancy skills and general coolness. He wears a distinctive pair of metal, goggle-type clear glasses, long boots, a green tunic, and a tattered black cape, and he oozes calm confidence.

While in the first game, Valeth is a secondary antagonist; he’s the final boss of the second installment of Valkyrie Profile. This spectacles-wearing necromancer was booted out of the magical academy he previously attended for his interest in the dark arts. In the games, he’s infatuated with one of the three Valkyries, Lenneth; in the first Valkyrie Profile, he aims to lure Lenneth to his tower, where he plans to steal her soul and imprison it within an elven body. The second game sees Valeth devise an even more outrageous scheme, which involves traveling back in time, taking the Valkyrie sisters captive, and merging them into a single body.

Funky Kong – Donkey Kong

Debuting in Donkey Kong Country, released in 1994, Funky Kong wears the decade’s must-have eyewear: the mono-lens ‘cyborg’ shade, along with a spotted bandana and a white muscle vest. While, according to the game’s fandom, Funky isn’t actually a member of the Kong family, he’s a close ally of the crew and regularly helps out with things like transport and weaponry.

He’s such a popular character that Funky has made several spin-off appearances. For example, he makes a first playable appearance in Mario Kart Wii, and he’s a collectible trophy in Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Quistis Trepe – Final Fantasy VIII

Trepe is a super clever character that appears in the eighth installment of the Final Fantasy franchise. With her thin-rimmed silver glasses, smart attire, and calm and collected presence, she’s a popular teacher at the Balamb Garden Institute – so popular, in fact, that she even has her own fan club within the game!

Here are a couple of little-known facts about Trepe: she’s the most skilled Triple Triad player in the institute, and when playing at Winhill Manor, she’ll attempt to creep out other players by hiding in a suit of armor and making ghostly noises.

Raymond – Animal Crossing

Introduced in Animal Crossing New Horizons and next appearing in Pocket Camp, the super-smart Raymond is a cat who rocks a sharp suit and a pair of thick-rimmed black glasses. He has heterochromia: which means each of his eyes is a different color. Raymond’s right eye is brown, and his left is green.

Raymond resides in Smug Village and is a perfect gentleman – he also likes everything just so. For example, his trademark glasses need to sit at the perfect angle; otherwise, he struggles to focus on his tasks for the day! Want to know about Raymond’s friendship rewards? Get to level seven, and he’ll reward you with a sparkle stone and a waistcoat; achieve level fifteen, and Raymond will ask you to create a server. If you get all the way to level twenty friendship, this Smugian will gift you with a picture of himself!

Cassie Cage – Mortal Cage

One of the most iconic glasses-wearing players in gaming, Cassie Cage wears a slick pair of aviator-style shades – in this, she takes after her father, Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat (she’s also the daughter of MK’s Sonya Blade). Players first met Cassie in Mortal Kombat X, and she quickly became a firm fan favorite.

As well as her fitted leather jacket and aviators, Cassie is also known for her spectacular fatality moves..she particularly enjoys taking a selfie with a defeated foe.

Adam Jensen – Deus Ex

Lead character Adam Jensen appears in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, wearing a pair of cyborg glasses that are actually surgically attached to his head throughout the games. Jensen’s appearance took the studio over two years to design, during which time it collaborated with a clothing company to achieve the perfect aesthetic. Elias Toufexis provides Jensen’s voice in both games in which he appears.

The character’s most notable skills are weapons proficiency and marksmanship. He’s been heavily augmented; as well as his Smart Vision eyewear, he also has modifications to his spinal cord, a cochlear implant within his ear, and a skin-cloaking system.

Albert Wesker – Resident Evil

Whether he’s out in the open or in a dimly lit lab, Albert Weskers’ eyes are usually hidden behind a pair of rectangular-framed sunglasses. Wesker is one of the Resident Evil franchise’s original characters; he first appeared in the very first Resident Evil game released in 1996. In this game, Wesker is captain of the Racoon Police Department’s STARS (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) unit.

His goal? Only to destroy humanity via plans for forced evolution and mass extinction – normal villain stuff. As well as regular appearances in the video games, Wesker starred in Netflix’s live-action reimagining of the Resident Evil concept – he’s played by Lance Reddick.

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