Six Fun Games Set in Africa

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There need to be more video games that are set in Africa and created by African game developers. However, there are some notable games that take place on the continent of Africa. Here are six that you’re sure to have fun playing.

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Nairobi X

The first-person shooter Nairobi X is set in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi. Only it’s a future Nairobi of the year 2030 when the city is under attack from aliens. Playing as the soldier Otero, it’s your mission to save the city from the extraterrestrial predators. The game features lots of notable real-life Nairobi locations, including City Hall, the Supreme Court, and the Times Tower.

Boet Fighter

Set in Johannesburg, South Africa, Boet Fighter is a 2D side-scrolling beat ‘em up platform game that pays homage to classics like Double Dragon and Street Fighter. But the game is also doing its own thing, and it’s packed full of local South African humor. It’s also a good way to learn South African slang (“boet” means “bro,” sort of). The game follows the character Hard Eddy as he fights his way through the streets of Johannesburg. If you’re looking for a unique game, Boet Fighter is “mega-schweet,” as the South Africans would say.

The Wild Life

Fun games set in Africa are not limited to video games. There’s also a fantastic slot game set on the continent of Africa. In the wild life slot, you get to venture deep in the undergrowth to see the exotic and lush wilderness of Africa close up. While on safari, where you might see big animals like lions trying to hide in the bushes, you get to put the reels in motion with the hope of matching animal symbols. There are loads of great special features too, such as expanding wilds, scatter symbols, and free spins. So, take a walk on the wild side with The Wild Life slot game.

KADE: Ule Mtoi Mrui

The 2D adventure game KADE: Ule Mtoi Mrui is set in rural Kenya. It’s a simple but fun game that follows a mischievous young boy called Kade. When he sees a brand-new bicycle at the shop that he simply must have, Kade runs home to ask his mother for money to buy it. She tells Kade that he must earn the money himself if he wants to buy the bike. And so, the boy’s adventure begins as he pursues various activities to find cash. With a slingshot in hand, Kade is also ready to do battle with any enemies that get in his way.


Nairobi game development company Weza Interactive is behind this stunning 2D endless platformer. The game follows a pair of spiritual beings called Mzitos as they travel across the continent of Africa on a mission to awaken sleeping lions and end the ancient corruption. The game is stuffed full of real-life African locations, including Victoria Falls, Lake Nakuru, and the Congo Rainforest. The concept behind the free mobile game was to make interactive content for and about Africa. Mzito is undoubtedly helping African people to become empowered and it’s certainly helping to put Africa on the map in the world of video games.

Throne of Gods

The fighting game Throne of Gods may be reminiscent of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, but it’s still an excellent and thrilling game. Furthermore, it is as African as you can get. Throne of Gods was built and developed in Nigeria and it taps into Africa’s rich culture. The game centers around African deities fighting one another. So, if you have ever wondered who would win between Shango, the god of thunder, and Igbo, the god of strength, you can now find out. Throne of Gods is a groundbreaking fighting game that brings African mythology alive.