Before starting anything, getting all information about what you have to do is always the best step. As a beginner fashion designer, you should collect all data and tips that can play a major role in your fashion designing career. For newbies, there is nothing to worry about the technical things in the starting. Instead of it, you should find the answers to main questions like what kind of education do you need to become a fashion designer and what does it take to be a fashion designer. So here are some tips for fashion designing that you should follow as a beginner.

7 Things you should know as a fashion Designing Beginner

Fashion designing is one of the highest-paid and competitive industries. So if you want to pursue it as your career then you have to be perfect from the start.

  • Fashion is More Than Just Dressing Up: Most people think that all fashion people do is wear fancy clothes, attending parties and other things. But there is so much more than it that nobody knows. Before the parties and VIP invitations come lots of hard work and sleepless nights. Most of the time, beginners quit their fashion designing career due to hard work and efforts.
  • Sewing methods: Sewing can be your strength if you know it well. Instead of drawing and sketching you can sew your designs to show them to people. It can easily impact their mind more than any sketch or drawing. You can use different kinds of sewing machines to make your work easier like any inexpensive sewing machine for quiltingor any special embroidering machine.
  • Keep Exploring options: The fashion world can be so huge if you know about it completely. There are more things other than designers; you can be a fashion brand PR, stylist, and marketing manager. Find different options and do what interests them most.
  • Try To Take Inspiration From Everything: Stay active for new ideas and inspirations no matter where they come from. It can be your room, guitar, pet, music, nature, poem, images, and people also.
  • Be an Identity: Try to make your designs different and unique from the others. Think out of the box and try to avoid adopting the same things as others. It can give you a unique identity and the perfect way to become a good Fashion designer.
  • Be Research-Oriented: A curious mind is the best thing that can help you in any field. Try adopting new ideas through research and try to do things in a fast and better way.
  • Observe Things: You should observe things first before doing your work even if it’s taking so much time.  Be attentive to your surrounding and pay attention to every little detail of everything.

What Kind of Education Do You Need To Become a Fashion Designer

If you are a student and want to pursue fashion designing as your future career then you can start it from your high school. You can take home economics classes and learn how to sew fast. Start drawing to know the difference between different types of shades of the same colors. Get classes of digital drawing software like Photoshop, XARA, and CorelDraw. Read blogs, books, and other materials to know more about fashion designing and how it works actually.

You can also start with the basics if you want to work as a driving force behind the fashion industry. You just have to study a bachelor’s degree in fashion designing to understand everything about its history, manipulating cloth textiles, drawing, and different sketching. Here are some best colleges for fashion designing that you can choose for your studies in fashion designing. The LISAA School of fashion designing, Accademia Del Lusso, and London College of contemporary arts placed in France, Italy, and the UK.

If you don’t want to study a long 3-year course in fashion designing then instead of it you can do a short course in designing. As we all know graphics are everywhere in this modern world and now even it has its place in the fashion world also. Doing a short course of designing can teach you to explore various ways to build quality aesthetic products and allow you to master the methods of graphic representation of surfaces and space.

5 Steps for how to become a fashion designer

The fashion industry is getting competitive day by day and due to the competition, the demand for higher skills is also increasing. So if you want to become a great fashion designer then you have to follow a good process for it. Below here are 5 clear steps that you can follow to make your fashion designing career better.

  1. Complete any degree program: It should be your first aim to get a degree in any fashion designing course. Companies love to hire their employees according to their education skills. And to get a foot in this competitive industry it is a must to get a degree in any fashion-related program. 
  2. Get as much as the experience: To make your skills better and faster than the other you also have to work outside of the classroom. Participate in different internship programs to get real experience and you can also volunteer for a fashion house too.
  3. Business skills: With the creative things of the fashion industry, try to develop your business skills also. To learn the creative side of the field you should get familiar with things like marketing, sales, and finance.
  4. Make Portfolios: To show your skills and designs to anyone to show your potential, you should make portfolios of your work. It also can help you to get a job in the future because you can present it as your CV.
  5. Follow Trends: To become a good fashion designer you should know about every little trend related to fashion. Fashion designing is directly related to current trends and designers have to change their designs according to trends to be the best.

So here is all information about fashion designing and the fashion industry that you should know as a newbie fashion designer.

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