Significant Things to Consider When Betting on IPL

Every game has rules binding on players, teams, fans, and bettors. It would not be wise to ignore the rules and expect success. With many showing interests in IPL games because of how profitable predictions are, it is essential to understand the history and rules of IPL. The difference between a beginner and a professional at betting is how many of these rules they know and engage in.

The Indian Premier League is among the best cricket leagues globally, enjoyed by millions across India and worldwide. That also means a plethora of betting sites offer odds to Indian bettors on IPL tournaments. If you’re new to IPL betting or even if you have some knowledge of it, brushing up on your knowledge is essential. To become a successful IPL bettor, you must do more than find one or two winners, especially when you are playing at

You can never know too much about IPL and IPL betting, so there’s a need to continue reading and learning. However, below are essential details concerning IPL betting that every bettor should know, whether novice or professional.

T20 is Different from Test Cricket

IPL bettors, even those good enough to become tipsters, mix up these two: T20 and Test cricket. They are significantly different; in Test Cricket, you bat first if you win the toss, but in T20, you can bat second. Also, in Test cricket, fans and bookmakers can accurately guess what players will be selected to participate in the tournament.

However, in T20, there are several squads and teams to choose from, and in doing so you must consider the coach’s tactics. While some coaches get away with these flawed tactical line-ups, others get away with it. That’s why you must constantly study the playing pattern of different coaches to ensure it yields positive results.

Understand the Stadium

Each team has its home ground or stadium; a team is typically the strongest when it plays on its home ground. Meanwhile, the cricket stadiums are not all identical; knowing this will help improve your predicting capability and help you forecast accurately. Check out sites with detailed stats of previous IPL matches on the stadiums and study the results of chasing teams.

Bookmakers and bettors are often too quick to identify trends and use them to their advantage; they avoid following common knowledge. The best Indian bettors are always slow to develop a plan because they study trends, players, and the team’s advantage. Your plan can be a short or long-term plan, depending on the game you are betting on.

Contradictory Bets Can Be Beneficial

Contradictory bets refer to when you back two teams playing against each other in an IPL match. When you place a bet on a team, get over by runs and back them to get under x runs. Betting on in-play markets offers incredible money-making opportunities, including the chance to place contradictory bets. While placing contradictory bets would be odd in pre-match markets, it is beneficial in in-play markets.

For example, in pre-match markets, you back Team B at 2.50 because you see them as overpriced. Then Team B begins the game excellently and finishes with a solid 170 runs. The team now moves into apparent favoritism as team A struggles in the first few overs. In this instance, you can check the in-play odds in a good position with Team B.

However, in in-play markets, the bookmaker sets a benchmark based on available statistics. For instance, the bookmaker sets the total at 152.2; you back the overs knowing that batters amass decent scores in the first six overs. 

However, after the six-over powerplay, scores go down, and runs are harder to amass as fielders drop further back. At this point, you need to consider backing the in-play unders, especially with bugger odds on the under, as insurance.

Batsman vs. Bowler – The Beneficial Knowledge

IPL is iconic for the fascinating match-ups on the pitch as batters go against bowlers. Finding out what batsman does well against which bowler is easy helps you analyze the game efficiently. Take note of the style a bowler faces when a batter hits a big total; you’ll be able to see patterns. You can use this to make better-informed bets when you see the announcement of the line-ups.


IPL is undoubtedly one of the most fun tournaments to watch and bet on. However, betting with proven strategies and skills is essential if you want to make real money. We listed these four points as significant things you should consider when betting on an IPL match. Start by understanding the stadium and how teams play when they are at home or away. Then, consider contradictory bets, as they can be helpful. In addition, understand the cricket tournament as it influences performance. Finally, know whether you’re betting on a batter or a bowler.