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After taking photography as a hobby three years ago, I started saving my photographs on my 1TB hard drive. Most of those photos were normal snaps but there were a few that I was really proud of. The problem was not having a platform to display my photos other than usual places such as Instagram and Facebook Page. For me, the real problem was that I didn’t want to share my creative photographs with just the people who I know. I wanted my work to be seen by actual photographers and acclaimed all over the internet. Luckily, I found a platform to display my creative work among the masses. I signed up with Clickasnap using my email id and my account was ready within minutes.

Clickasnap – A Brief Knowhow

Clickasnap is the world’s first and only platform that pays you for photo views. With systems in place to sell your creative photos as downloads, physical prints, private art galleries, and ability to license your photos with world first licensing systems, Clickasnap is constantly innovating to ensure that you receive the best-in-class experience. 

With an intent to be the world’s largest still image club, Clickasnap helps you to learn from the masters, teach others, and watch your content being judged by real people. Upload your content, lose no rights, join conversations, and earn money from your work at Clickasnap. It’s different from most of the top image-sharing platforms in the world.

If you are a budding or a professional photographer and want to showcase your work to Clickasnap’s massive audience base while making money, you can register at Clickasnap using your Facebook, Twitter, Google or email id.

How does Clickasnap works?

Clickasnap has a large repository of images that are uploaded by its users. It has over 1,000,000 members signed up. More than 2 million images are viewed every day. You can register with Clickasnap and earn 0.40¢ per photo view. Users can withdraw the money once it reaches a minimum threshold of $15. The amount transfer takes place via PayPal and is done within 24 hours of receiving the request.

Now, it’s easy to make money when someone views your photos.

  • Upload your photos: Once you have registered, you can upload your photographs to Clickasnap platform and start earning from today.
  • Users view your photos: The earning starts when a user visiting Clickasnap views your photos.
  • Get Paid: Once your earnings reach a threshold amount of $15, you can choose to withdraw the amount via PayPal.

Clickasnap has tiered membership levels. It offers a free account, an ad-free account for £2/month (£19.20/year), seller account for £4/month (£38.40/year), and a pro-seller account for £6/month (£57.60/year).

Key Features

  • The most trustworthy platform for photo-sharing
  • Both amateurs and professional photographers make money
  • New enhancements and features are added regularly
  • Top-tier protection is provided to your photos
  • Quick payout via PayPal on reaching minimum threshold

Image Protection Technology

Clickasnap’s image protection technology ensures that your photos stays protected against the ‘print screen’ theft (WIPT Watermarkless Image Protection Technology). So, your images are totally safe from being copied.

Automated Marketing System

Once you integrate your social media channel with Clickasnap and pick a time interval, your photographs will get promoted automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, you don’t have to do an extra marketing effort for your photos to reach to masses.

Clickasnap Pro-Seller Account

You can be a seller a Clickasnap and select from 1000s of products to sell including key rings, canvasses, mouse mats, downloads and more. Some of the features of pro-seller account are as follows:

  • Get more money from product sales as Clickasnap charges a low commission rate (4%).
  • Display unlimited products in your shop without paying anything extra.
  • Pinterest integration automatically creates board and upload your images on these boards.
  • Get 100 credits every month to promote your profile/photographs.
  • Get unlimited cloud storage unlike most of the other image-sharing platforms.

The Bottom Line

Clickasnap is an interesting photo-sharing platform for budding and expert photographers that helps them to make money for every photo view. They can start selling the products at Clickasnap and get royalties. Once the amount reaches a minimum threshold, you can transfer it to your account via PayPal. Start making money from your stunning photographs from today with Clickasnap.

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