Show Your Geek Dedication: 7 Props All Entertainment Fans Should Have

All of us tend to get a little emotionally attached to the things we like and love and that is why we care about them so much. It does not matter what we like, all of us have our own sense of taste and preference when it comes to the things we find pleasant and exciting in life. Some people get really attached to their favorite TV shows or movies while others get very passionate about sports. There are even those who would get exceptionally protective over their favorite games, figurines, comic books, manga/anime series, etc. And of course, there are some die-hard fans out there who think they deserve something more than just appreciation for their dedication to whatever fandom they belong in. Here are 7 props all entertainment fans should possess.

1. YuGiOh Custom Playmats

Almost every card game has its own exclusive playmats, but not all of them are as gorgeous and amazing as the YuGiOh custom playmats. These epic playmats are made by fans out of their love for YuGiOh, and they show off their geek dedication with these very detailed pieces of art. Some even come with hidden features like having secret pockets where you can store your cards or a compartment that houses your dice. There are tons of YuGiOh themes and designs available on the internet, each one more beautiful than the other you could try for yourself. It is even possible to have one customized according to your preferences. YuGiOh playmats are the perfect gift for your hardest to shop for friends or family members.

2. All Things Zelda

If there was one franchise people take extra care about, that would have to be The Legend of Zelda from Nintendo. People from all around the world love this game series and most of them show their dedication with posters, figures, jewelry, artworks, pieces of jewelry, etc. Zelda is one of those rare masterpieces that transcends age groups and cultural barriers (which makes it even more popular) which is why there are thousands of merchandise available for every taste and preference imaginable, so you will not fail if you go looking for something related to Link or Princess Zelda. Also, the Zelda franchise introduced the world to one of the most badass female characters in video game history, Princess Midna.

3. Hatsune Miku

She is not a real person but still, there are some die-hard fans out there who would love to bring their favorite virtual idol with them everywhere they go. Hatsune Miku is a Japanese voice synthesizer and humanoid persona that has gained enormous popularity all around the world during the past years, and it seems like her fame and fandom will only grow more and more in time. If you can’t afford a real-life-sized figure of this awesome Vocaloid, why don’t you try getting yourself one of those awesome Nendoroids? They are much easier on your wallet while still looking amazing on display!

4. Naruto Figures & Wall Scrolls

Naruto is another manga/anime series that has a lot of very loyal fans all around the world. It is also one of those rare fandoms that transcend age groups and cultural barriers which is why there are thousands if not millions of people who follow Naruto, read its manga, watch its anime, and dream to become ninjas! If you have been a fan from the beginning or got attached to this series as it grew more popular, I am sure you must have an impressive collection of Naruto figures as well as posters and wall scrolls. Of course, there is no shortage of epic merchandise when it comes to Naruto so go ahead and treat yourself to some great ninja stuff!

5. Pokemon Figures

Pokemon started off as a humble Nintendo game with 151 pocket monsters but thanks to Satoshi Tajiri’s continuous efforts and the incredible success of the anime series Pokemon has become one of the most recognized brands in popular culture. And it is not hard to see why- with all those cute monsters that have adorable anime designs, this franchise is a perfect fit for almost everyone from kids to adults! This goes without saying that there are thousands upon thousands of official Pokemon merchandise made every year but if you want something unique, truly dedicated fans also make their own custom figures so you can try your luck at searching online for some fanart. Pokemon plushies and figures are popular enough in their own right but when talking about Pokemon stuff, we simply cannot afford to forget about Pokeballs! There are all kinds of cool anime Pokeball replicas out there- from cheapo plastic ones to the luxurious diamond-studded “Master Ball” 

6. Digimon Plushies & Figures

After taking a stab at being a virtual pet, Digimon evolved into an RPG video game series full of epic adventures and battles. Today, most people remember it for its anime which is why you will not be surprised to find out that there are thousands upon thousands of Digimon anime figures available.  The great thing about Digimon is how diverse the fandom is- you can go all traditional and get yourself a cute Agumon plush or try something more sophisticated with an action pose metal Angemon figure! Digimon fans love their merchandise and you can see that love in each and every one of these cute plushies and amazing action figures!

7. The Lord Of The Rings Collectibles

Another beloved franchise loved by everyone must be Peter Jackson’s adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s novel: “The Lord Of The Rings.” Anything related to this masterpiece has become highly sought-after by fans all around the world, be it figurines, posters, or collectible coins, you name it. But if there is one prop/toy every Lord of the Rings fan should have in their collection, that would either be a One Ring replica or an authentic Hobbit LEGO set. The Lord  Of The Rings trilogy is also one of those rare fandoms where the merchandise only increases in demand and price as time goes by, so better get your hands on whatever you can before it gets too expensive!

While official figures can be great, there are also tons of amazing fan-made anime figures out there that should not be missed. It does not matter whether you are buying a Naruto figure or an Evangelion one- make sure it comes from a good source and you should have no trouble at all!