Thanks to modern technology, so much of the planet is mapped out. It begs the question — is there anything left to discover? 

There are so many helpful planning apps packed full of useful information and the reviews and experiences of other travelers. If you’re considering a road trip, using a road trip planning app may be the way forward. 

But isn’t a road trip meant to be a voyage into the unknown? Keep reading to determine if a planning app is right for you or if there’s something else better on the horizon.

The Downsides of Planning Apps

– The most obvious drawback is that they take all the fun out of planning your trip yourself. They do all the thinking and suggestion for you, so the mental process of free thinking and working out where you want to go is lost.

– On a practical level, another downside of some of these apps is that they can use up the battery life of your device quickly. You become so reliant on what the planning app has in store for you that you’ll need to take a car USB charger with you or, even better, make use of portable power stations

Of course, a portable power station is a great item to have since it allows you to cook if you’re camping and power small fridges, other appliances, and outdoor lighting.

– Some apps don’t have offline access, which makes them only partially useful and useless if you’ll be without reception. 

– Some apps don’t always have the most current information about local hotspots. For example, you may miss out on new restaurants, museums, or nightlife must-sees if the app hasn’t been updated. 

The Advantages of Planning Apps

– Planning apps provide tailored driving navigation, arguably better than traditional navigation apps like Google Maps or Apple Maps. They don’t just map the route but suggest lots of different points of interest and features along the way. You must do your homework to guarantee you’re using a regularly updated app to ensure you hit all the spots you want to see. 

You can find free travel guides plus information from other road trippers, so you can be sure you won’t miss out on the best features in the area you’re visiting. If you do want to take a tour of the city of your choosing, then it’s always wise to book luggage storage. Search for luggage storage today, to see what options are available.

– Whether you’re traveling with friends or making some along the way, some apps allow you to share the journey amongst travel parties. Of course, it’s great if you’re traveling a route together and want to ensure all parties are on the same trajectory. It’s especially cool if the app works offline and your party travels remotely with poor reception since it guarantees everyone is on the same track. 

– Many road trippers maintain apps give you freedom as it’s easy to find what you need and learn what’s out there. Arguably, apps make sure you use your time more wisely.

– More visual-orientated apps will let you click on images to pick out what you like the look of along the journey. If you suddenly need food or fuel, then a planning app makes it easy to find the nearest locations without wasting time.

There are lots of different road trip apps out there so do your research carefully to find the best one for your needs as there is quite a lot of variation when it comes to features.

Final Thoughts

Road trips are becoming more popular as a holiday choice because of the freedom and flexibility they offer. Plus, the ease of planning has made many people feel more confident that they won’t get stranded and that there’s help available if they encounter difficulty.

Technology is great, but just remember, you may be heading to an area where it’s difficult to access, so always have a backup plan.

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