Italicized is generally used to emphasize a word of a particular work. The method called Italicized to use to distinguish the title from the rest of the content. However, the majority of people don’t know how to use this method properly. Here we discuss whether should tv shows be italicized or not.

What is Italicized?

Slanted letters are normally called “italics.” The process of writing or printing words in a sentence using slanted letters is called Italicized. People use italics to emphasize, contrast or draw attention to some particular part of a text. You can use italics to denote titles and names of a particular work. It allows that title or name to emphasize or stand out from the surrounding sentence. The principle is to differentiate a tile of a word from regular words or characters.

Why is called Italics?

Italy is the country that has designed these inspired typefaces. They had introduced this uncommon typeface to replace their traditional handwriting style called chancery hand.  

What are Italicized applications?

Names of cars, television programs, and movie titles are generally in italics. More examples of Italicized are titles of movies, novels, radio programs, long poems, albums, and television shows. Also, people practice using italicized words in the titles of books, films, ships and other vessels, court cases, artistic creations, and more.

There is another method called underlining. Instead of using italics, it should be used for handwritten documents. But broadcast channels and networks use capitalized format to write or denote their names. Italicized uses or longer works. The quoted method uses to denote short works such as songs and magazine articles.  

Films like Captain America, and Inception have used the italicized method to denote their titles instead of quotation marks.

Should tv shows be Italicized?

Earlier, the Chicago Manual style used italicized method to denote movies, Radios, and tv shows. Generally, the title of the tv show started from the creator’s first name, last name, season number, and episode number. Then it continues with companies, production company, year, and name of site.

Films, radio programs, and television shows appear in italics. It means tv shows should be in Italicized format. The program title denotes using a comma separate italicized container title. Individual episodes of particular tv shows appear in go in quotation marks. But the episode’s title is in italicized format when it is self-contained. However, it is better to use quotation marks for more significant sources.

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How do you refer to a tv show in denoting?

You have to originate the title of the episode in quotation marks. Italicize the title of the series or show. Afterward, write the name of the network and the call letters of the station. Then follow it by the city and the date of broadcast finishes the publication method.  


Using italics for tv shows is a fundamental requirement for today’s digital production marks. It will help to upgrade its ratings and all. Therefore, it is better to earn a good awareness of how to use italics or Italicized in any program.

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