Why Self-Service is a Growing Priority in SaaS

Why Self-Service is a Growing Priority in SaaS

Despite the powers of modern technology, interaction between customers and merchants is still commonplace in the world of business. However, as consumer demand for convenience increases, this model is quickly becoming obsolete.

This is where self-service comes in. Let’s take a look at what this means for SaaS businesses and why self-service is becoming a growing priority.

What is Self-Service in SaaS?

What do we mean when we talk about self-service in SaaS? We’ve all experienced self-service before, be it when using a vending machine or a self-service checkout in a supermarket, but the idea of it as part of a SaaS solution can seem a little strange.

Self-service in SaaS can encompass a number of things, including sign-ups, onboarding, help centres, and even an IT ticketing system. All of these things can be implemented and delivered to customers without the need for them to interact with a member of the software team.

Now that we know what self-service in SaaS is, let’s discuss why it has become a growing priority for businesses and for the end user.


The number one benefit offered by self-service is convenience. Think of someone using a SaaS product, they won’t want to be hindered by back-and-forth communications with sales teams and setup engineers. Instead, they will want to be using the product as quickly as possible and with minimum disruption.

Modern consumers don’t want to wait. Self-service systems can ensure their needs are met immediately, significantly reducing wait times and the potential for delays. 

Reduce Staffing Costs

As a business owner, you’ll know how important it is to manage your spending and reduce costs wherever possible. However, it is absolutely critical that you do so with the customer at the forefront of your mind; reducing expenditures should never come at their expense.

Staffing is often the biggest expense businesses face. However, cutting back on staff can directly impact the customer experience. Not so with self-service. By using self-service SaaS systems, businesses can scale back their staffing requirements while remaining confident that their products are being successfully delivered to customers.

Saving Time

When a customer is using a software tool, they are more than likely going to run into trouble or have questions about features and functionality. The majority of the time, the answers to these questions will be simple, and having to dedicate staff to field such queries can be time-consuming.

Self-service SaaS solutions offer automated help centres that can support users without the need for human interaction. This will leave your team free to deal with more complex matters while ensuring the needs of your customers are still being catered to.


There are a number of reasons why self-service has become a growing priority in SaaS. First and foremost, it offers an unparalleled level of convenience for the end user. It can also help businesses reduce staffing costs and save time for their team when dealing with user queries. We can expect to see self-service become the norm in SaaS as we head into the future.

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Written by Joshua White

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