Secure online document notarization – iDenfy’s new partnership with Notaries At Large

iDenfy adds an extra layer of security to the signing process

The digital identity and fraud prevention experts from Lithuania, iDenfy, joined forces with the e-Notary, Notaries at Large. iDenfy’s digital identity verification will help ensure a safe high-risk document signing process.

Today’s technology allows fast data transmission, easy communication, and new business opportunities. At the same time, enterprises lack security measures which leads them to wide security gaps. According to Data Prot’s report, 40% of consumers globally have been a victim of online identity theft. The global pandemic escalated the issue even further by giving a wider platform for fraudsters to strike in various sectors, including the notarization industry.

For instance, criminals attempt to steal properties by using fake identities and recording false deeds, which can result in victims fighting to keep their own homes. Such scammers forge signatures and pose as real estate owners to sign the deeds in front of notaries.

Intending to expand their role in the virtual business environment and improve their identity proofing service, Notaries At Large searched for a digital identity verification provider when they found iDenfy. The e-notary prevents fraud by verifying individuals who are signing legally binding documents, such as real estate transfers or financial directives, for outside parties.

Notaries At Large is responsible for confirming that their clients are signing these high-risk documents safely – with full knowledge and intent. According to the company, notarizing documents helps prevent identity theft and deter fraud, as the company actually watches the signers affix the signatures to the documents without coercion.

iDenfy’s swift and secure identity verification solution helped improve Notaries At Large clients’ experience due to flexibility and the option to validate different documents from over 200 countries. iDenfy uses artificial intelligence and an in-house expert team to ensure that only legit documents and verified identities are approved. According to their partners, the fact that a live human is double-checking the data gave Notaries At Large confidence and an extra layer of protection.

According to Notaries At Large, before partnering with iDenfy, they had no method to be assured that the form of ID was legitimate for other countries, nor was there a way to be confident that the person on the screen was the same person on the form of ID. iDenfy’s biometric confirmation and ability to validate the ID was crucial for the business to perform an online notarization.

“The rules and regulations in the United States place the burden of confidence regarding the identity of the signer on the Notary Public. Our documents impact lives and financial decisions. That’s why we’re glad to partner with iDenfy, a secure online ID verification business that provides us with confidence that the person signing the document is who they say they are.” – expressed Juanita M. Little-Lyons, the owner of Notaries At Large.

“We’re proud to partner with Notaries At Large and to assist them with the most important duty – verifying the identity of the people signing the documents. We feel confident that this collaboration will bring a smooth experience for the e-notary clients by delivering a smooth signing process.” – said Domantas Ciulde, CEO of iDenfy.