Searching for e-mails? Do it easy!

Outreach is a white method of building links using e-mail. For this purpose, it is important to use an individual approach. Today, mail services easily track spam, and when a letter enters this section, it is simply not seen and therefore not read. Is such a method efficient?

Let’s together with discover how to start outreach, and find all the e-mails to communicate with companies and individuals.

Use special services

If you are looking for an email finder, consider the following options:

  • with a convenient application for Google Chrome is one of the most famous e-mail search services, you can also try alternatives for (the free version is up to 150 e-mails per month).
  • Voilanorbert provides a search by site and last name and is useful for contacting e-mails by name (offers 50 e-mails in the free version).
  • has the largest database.
  • is a search service that uses LinkedIn.

Keep in mind that services have limitations of the free version and do not always give a complete picture of hidden personal e-mail.

Just guess

Do you know the name of the company or person? Generate a possible e-mail! The exact spelling is easy to find on social networks.

What address options can there be? Half of the cases are the name and

As for other options, you can use a convenient tool for generating personalized e-mails. In it, you just fill in the data and get different options.

To find out if such an address exists, enter it on (write a letter). As a rule, live e-mails contain an avatar or a link to Google+

In addition, you can install the application in your mail, which shows more contact data, including LinkedIn, Skype, website address, and time zone. If Gmail and rapportive do not find the required e-mail, try to enter it in Google search, perhaps it is mentioned somewhere.

A search on Google and Yandex will not give results, because the @ symbol is recognized as a social tag. However, a search can provide the necessary information and help to find email address.

To do this, enter a simple formula: + e-mail, and search in

Check LinkedIn contacts

E-mail can be obtained from direct contacts on in the contact info section, not in subscriptions. You can also export the contact list to Excel.

Do not try to establish contacts with everyone, because in this way you can send your e-mail to spam.

Ask on social media

An excellent way to get an e-mail is to ask about the owner’s ego on social networks. If you have a live account and you want to offer an interesting idea, ask the blogger an interesting question.

The easiest way to do this is on Twitter, where the size of the message is no more than 140 characters. It is possible not to write a very long message, it is enough to interest a person.