Scientists Discover An Octopus-Like Suction Cup To Replace Injections & Needles!

Scientists Discover An Octopus Like Suction Cup To Replace Injections & Needles!

Ever flinched at the sight of a needle? You’re not alone. But, there’s some potentially game-changing news coming your way from the world of science. Researchers have unveiled an innovative drug delivery system inspired by none other than octopuses.

What’s the big idea?

Imagine a world where essential medications, which require injections and needles, could be given non-invasively and painlessly. The pharmaceutical field has long fought with the challenge of delivering drugs. Especially those having peptides and proteins, such as insulin or semaglutide. These compounds don’t get absorbed easily through our digestive system. Therefore, many have to go for injections.

However, a recently published study in the journal Science Translational Medicine might turn things around. The research introduces the concept of an octopus sucker-inspired buccal mucosa suction patch. Yes, it’s quite a mouthful, but its potential implications are huge.

From Sichuan Peppercorns to Octopus Suckers

It’s fascinating how innovation happens. Zhi Luo, the brain behind this project, was pondering over this issue while enjoying a dish with Sichuan peppercorns. This got him thinking about a patch resembling the octopus sucker’s mechanism. A system that sticks well and creates a tiny, useful vacuum.

What’s So Cool About This?

Aside from its octopus inspiration, the patch’s design is clever. It’s dome-shaped, just about the size of regular adhesive tablets we see in pharmacies. But, here’s the kicker: it uses mechanical pressure, like the octopus’s sucker, to stick and increase the absorption area by over 250%.

When it’s on, this patch mildly disrupts the skin’s outer layer to help the medicine penetrate better, without actually causing any harm. Paired with certain enhancers, this combo significantly boosts drug absorption.

How Is It Better Than Needles?

Here’s the cool part: when scientists compared this patch to traditional injection methods using the drug desmopressin, the results were eyebrow-raising. The drug level in the bloodstream showed an even rise during the patch’s application. In some cases, with certain enhancers, the patch’s efficacy shot up, showing levels 150 times higher than traditional oral methods.

Safety and Comfort: Two Major Concerns Addressed

Sure, it sounds groundbreaking, but is it user-friendly? A little trial with 40 volunteers gave some insights. 92% of them reported feeling either comfortable or only mildly uncomfortable during its application. And the next day? They couldn’t even tell which part of their skin had the patch on.


Imagine a world where a trip to the doctor doesn’t end with a needle. Thanks to an innovative patch (and an octopus), this might soon be a reality. We’re still in the early days, but the prospects are exciting. Medical treatments could be not only more effective but also way less intimidating. Cheers to that!

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