Sara Blakely Net Worth

Sara Blakely

Net Worth $1.1B

American entrepreneur and billionaire best known as the founder of Spanx

Sara Blakely is a renowned entrepreneur, known for founding the shapewear company Spanx. Recognized for her ingenuity and business acumen, she’s also made notable media appearances and holds a place in the billionaire club due to her savvy investments and company growth. Sara Blakely has a net worth of $1.1 billion as of 2024.

Sara Blakely's Net Worth 2024

Sara Blakely’s net worth as of 2024, is $1.1 billion. Throughout her career, Blakely has maintained her financial status despite the ups and downs of the business world, with her net worth reflecting her commitment and successful business strategies.

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Net worth timeline

How did Sara Blakely get rich?

Sara Blakely’s journey to wealth began with her frustration with undergarments, leading to the creation of Spanx. She started with $5,000 in savings and grew her company into a global brand. Her innovative approach to shapewear filled a gap in the market, and her intelligent business decisions leveraged Spanx into the billion-dollar empire it is today. A key strategy of her success was bypassing traditional advertising and instead using unique marketing tactics, which helped Spanx gain incredible word-of-mouth popularity.

How many businesses does Sara Blakely own in 2024?

  • As of 2024, Sara Blakely’s most notable business is Spanx, which she has nurtured from a simple idea to a globally recognized brand. This investment not only revolutionized the intimate apparel market but also remains a cornerstone of her wealth. Blakely has been strategic in expanding her business ventures beyond Spanx, including her involvement with the Atlanta Hawks and philanthropic initiatives through the Sara Blakely Foundation.

Earnings from Spanx

Sara Blakely’s primary earnings stem from her company Spanx, contributing significantly to her yearly income and overall net worth. While exact figures are private due to the company’s status as a private entity, it’s clear that Spanx has been a substantial source of her earnings, with estimated annual sales at one point reaching $400 million.

How much has Sara Blakely made from her Shark Tank investments?

Sara Blakely’s investment sum in Shark Tank deals is not publicly disclosed, but her strategic investments have certainly contributed to her financial portfolio. Her keen eye for promising business opportunities on the show has enhanced her reputation as a shrewd investor.

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Is Sara Blakely from Shark Tank a billionaire?

Yes, Sara Blakely is a billionaire, with her net worth estimated at $1.1 billion as of 2024.

Is Sara Blakely the richest shark?

While Sara Blakely is among the wealthiest sharks on Shark Tank, she is not the richest. That title often fluctuates between other members of the cast like Mark Cuban.

Sara Blakely's Habits and Personal Strengths

Sara Blakely’s success can be attributed to her daily habits and personal strengths, which include relentless optimism, a willingness to embrace failure as a learning opportunity, and the ability to stay motivated through adversity. Her day starts with envisioning her goals and ends with gratitude, showcasing her robust and positive approach to life. She maintains a healthy work-life balance by prioritizing family time and philanthropy, which keeps her grounded.

early life & background

Sara Blakely’s formative years in Clearwater, Florida, shaped her entrepreneurial spirit. Her background, marked by her artist mother and attorney father, instilled in her a unique blend of creativity and tenacity. Her personal life gained richness through her marriage to Jesse Itzler, with whom she shares four children. 


February 27, 1971


Atlanta, Georgia




Jesse Itzler


4 Children


Ellen and John Blakely


Ford Blakely


Florida State University