Sales of Nissan Elgrand Used in Australia — Where Is The Best Place To Buy?

Each of us one day decides to buy a car. If you want to get a great car, the company Best People Movers offers its services in Australia. The drive team is always in the center of the latest and most complete automotive news, the fullness of the automotive market, current information about new models, technologies and car showrooms. In addition to buying a car from a showroom, buying used cars on the secondary market is a popular service. The secondary car market is filled with a huge model range and price policy for any wallet.

Cars from Japan began to be massively imported around the world quite a long time ago. Today, cars from Japan can be found on the roads of any developed country, including Australia. Such cars enter the market through imports from Japanese import agents and special dealerships. Independent import through auctions is beginning to gain popularity. The wide popularity of imported vehicles is explained by a number of worthy advantages. Having analyzed the Japanese used car market and especially the top of the best large family cars in the minivan segment, one of them is the used Nissan Elgrand

What does an Australian family get when they buy a Nissan Elgrand ?

The modern Nissan Elgrand is already the third generation of the legendary Japanese minivans, which have been produced since August 2010, and is the main competitor of the Toyota Alphard and the Honda Odyssey, shares a platform with the North American fourth generation Nissan Quest. Elgrand received an updated face in 2020. The Nissan Elgrand used car earned its reputation for:

  • Security;
  • Comfort;
  • Space;
  • Practicality.

This is a modern Japanese car that combines power, practicality, dynamics and expressiveness. And despite the many positive characteristics, the price of this car remains affordable. At the same time, the Japanese managed to implement excellent technical characteristics and high reliability of the equipment in their products. Today, Japan is rightfully one of the world leaders in the automotive industry.  Of course, you can buy a Nissan Elgrand at a relatively favorable price compared to other used cars. 

The interior of the car is characterized by a futuristic design, with a comfortable and versatile space. The seats are spacious and comfortable, 3rd row seat backs are now reduced in convexity and concavity, and they can also move forward and backward by 240 mm. In addition, the car can accommodate not only eight people for comfortable transportation, but also the modified rear trunk lid increases the rear space for the luggage compartment.

The Third Generation of Nissan Elgrand

In the third generation, Nissan Elgrand abandoned the rear-wheel drive modification, the car can have front and all-wheel drive. Four modifications with gasoline engines are offered:

  • 2.5 CVT front drive;
  • 3.5 CVT front drive;
  • 2.5 CVT 4WD;
  • 3.5 CVT 4WD.

A 7-speed automatic transmission is available for all modifications — a variator, standard cruise control and 18-inch aluminum wheels will make your trips as comfortable as possible. The four-cylinder 2.5L QR25DE engine produces 170 horsepower with a maximum torque of 245. The V6 3.5L VQ35DE engine produces 280 horsepower with 344 torque and has improved fuel efficiency that significantly reduces fuel consumption of urban and suburban traffic. If you are a fan of reliable cars with a modern design, Best People Movers will help you choose the best option and buy your Nissan Elgrand.