Running your Canadian E-Commerce Business on BigCommerce -Pros And Cons

As an eCommerce store or a business owner, it is crucial to have a website if you’re planning to sustain long-term growth and loyal customers. This is especially true for store owners that sell physical products. But to run a successful business online, you would need a hosting platform that allows you to set up your online store where you can sell your products. In light of this, BigCommerce, an online store hosting platform, is quite a hot topic of discussion among the new entrants in 2021. The majority of online sellers claim it to be the best platform for running a large and fast-growing business. Therefore, we decided to explore a few pros and cons of this service and give the verdict if this e-commerce platform is as good as people say.

1. SEO Optimization of Store is super easy: 

The most convenient and possibly the most important benefit of using BigCommerce is 

that you can easily optimize your content for SEO without any sort of hassle. This means that you can easily customize meta descriptions, alt texts, URL’s, tags, and every other SEO based element used in a well-functioning website. So, if you want to get your e-commerce website optimized for SEO,  you should consider hiring a Canada BigCommerce agency like who offers web  design development and SEO services all together.. The reason why we highly recommend hiring an agency for setting up your store is that these agencies have the right expertise and experience to optimize and design the website. Doing work on your own might not guarantee you good results. 

2. Transactions can be made in multiple currencies:

Dealing with transactions on many e-commerce platforms can be a hassle as there is not much flexibility in terms of currencies. BigCommerce, however, provides around 100 currencies that help you trade anywhere internationally. 

3. Transaction cost can be eliminated if you use an external payment gateway:

Another great benefit of using BigCommerce is that you don’t have to pay additional transaction costs when accepting payments from third parties like Amazon payments or WePay. 

4. A vast range of customizations: 

Using BigCommerce, you’ll also be able to customize your website using more than 400+ customization tools.

5. Big-commerce is flexible in terms of product variation:

With BigCommerce, your online store will be flexible enough to showcase any sort of product. For example, you can sell bags, shoes, laptops, fragrances, and any other item you can think of.

6. Unlimited staff/User accounts are standard across all plans:

As an online store owner, your managers and extended staff should have access to the various functionalities of your e-commerce store. Keeping this in mind, BigCommerce provides unlimited staff/user accounts across all their packages.


1. Sales limit can vary based on what plan you choose:

There’s a limit set by BigCommerce in which you can generate a certain sum of money per year. In other words, you won’t be able to go beyond a set limit unless you upgrade your package to the plus’ or ‘pro’ plan. But, you don’t really need to worry about this as BigCommerce will notify you when you’re about to reach your sales limit. 

2. Not much diversity in free themes:

Most of the free themes you’ll come across are going to be similar in one way or another. Diversification usually starts to show when you go for a paid theme. However, if your objective is simply to earn monthly cash flow, you don’t have to worry about themes.

3. Shipping discounts are not offered: 

Unlike most of its well-known competitors, BigCommerce does not provide a shipping discount functionality for its customers. 

4. The page builder reportedly contains a few defects:

According to what most BigCommerce users have stated, the platform does have a few bugs in the page builder, which proves to be an obstacle when designing a website. However, BigCommerce has been working on fixing these issues.

5. Content creation is a hassle: 

Another issue stated by BigCommerce users is that creating content and designing paid themes can be rather confusing. This is because most creating and designing sections like landing pages, blog posts, and navigation bars are slightly challenging as compared to other e-commerce platforms. 


The majority of e-commerce store owners have had a positive experience with BigCommerce. The platform simply has a few cons which don’t cannot really outweigh the pros of this amazing platform.