What Is the Difference between Running the Node and Hiring Node Provider?

Running your own node will provide you with lots of benefits like the increased level of security, choice and also the privacy as a whole. It also comes with lots of requirements and possibilities, in terms of both knowledge and hardware. Here in this blog, you will know about the major difference between running the own node and also compared it with the node provider. 

Why You Will Run The Bitcoin Node?

Running the bitcoin node will help you to interact with the bitcoin network both personally and securely and also enable you to prove the ownership over the bitcoin without depending upon the 3rd party. Later on, you will know what the bitcoin node is and how it functions. 

What Do You Understand By The Bitcoin Node?

The bitcoin node is the computer that runs an implementation of the bitcoin’s blockchain where it is then stored in fully. You can find out different types of bitcoin nodes like the full nodes, super nodes, mining nodes and the light nodes. The nodes is the bitcoin then validate each one of the blocks and transaction before it will end up getting added to the blockchain like the nodes will serve as the reference for the bitcoin network as the whole. You can check the blogs in https://getblock.io/ to have ideas on the different bitcoin nodes and also the cryptocurrency platforms. Such nodes store the complete copy of the distributed ledger. They are solely responsible for the reliability in the bitcoin data which is then stored in the blockchain. 

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having Your Own Nodes?

There are lots of advantages and drawbacks of running your nodes. Let’s have a look on them in below so that you get an idea on what you can do further and what is in the list.

  • The Benefits Of Running The Own Nodes Include-

When you are running your own nodes, you do not have to trust any 3rd party for keeping the network honest and reliable as you are doing for yourself. You will be having total control and it will ensure that all the rules in bitcoin are being followed there. By having the knowledge within the bitcoin network as the node, you can reduce the dependency on the third parties for validating the financial transactions and then hold your funds. 

  • Disadvantages Of Using Own Nodes
  1. You will be using lots of disk space as well as the RAM
  2. The initial synchronization of the bitcoin network will help you in downloading the entire bitcoin blockchain from the very first phase
  3. If you are having the limited bandwidth, you will lose all that you get while running the own node

Apart from using your own node, you can hire the node provider that will save your space, time and money. To have the full node, there are lots of factors that you need to keep in account and they include having a device that has the latest version of OS, you will need 500 GB of free disk space with speed of 100 MPS, SSD and also the stable internet connection. With hiring the provider, you will have high level of convenience and you do not have to worry about the bandwidth, hardware and other factors. 

So, be sure what you choose and then get your bitcoins assembled in the right way.