Roofing in Savannah, Georgia: Tips for Choosing the Best Materials

Roofing in Savannah, Georgia: Tips for Choosing the Best Materials

Savannah is a coastal city on the southeast coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Georgia. It is an industrial center, a crucial Atlantic seaport, and a busy tourist city. Due to the city’s closeness to the ocean, homes and roofs in the region are highly exposed to wear and tear due to the salty sea air, coastal storms, and strong winds.

Therefore, people that live in this coastal city need to take an active step toward protecting their homes against environmental hazards. This includes making sure they choose the best roofing materials and hire experts like those found at professional roofing solutions.

Tips for Choosing the Best Materials

Meanwhile, below are some tips to consider when choosing the best roofing materials in this coastal region called Savannah.

Climatic Conditions

Everyone knows that coastal regions are prone to environmental hazards like hurricanes. Hence, it is vital to consider the region’s climatic conditions when choosing your roofing material. You should use materials that can withstand stormy rains, resist corrosion, and slanting roofs that allow water or snow to drain off.

Home Design

Aside from the weather, the home’s structural design is also a determining factor to consider in choosing the best roofing material. For instance, materials like asphalt shingles fit into most architectural designs, while tiles are preferable to go for in antique-style buildings.

The building color should also be considered. For instance, Red, green, or yellow-painted houses go with dark roofing material. Blue or gray-painted homes complement dark or black roofs. A combination of brown and cream roofs, or just brown roofs, goes well with Tan, brown, or cream-colored buildings.

Energy Efficiency

Buying the right roofing material can help save money on energy bills. Some roofing materials, like asphalt shingles and metal, reflect the sun’s rays away instead of absorbing the heat. By doing so, your Attic will remain cool, and the AC won’t need to overwork to lower the temperature.  This can significantly reduce your energy bills.


Budget is crucial when choosing the best roofing materials for any home project. There are various types of materials with different prices, quality, and production costs. Roofing materials of superior quality are costlier than those of low quality. But it is essential to note that high-cost material does not invariably mean better material. Hence it would be best if you went for a material that suits your budget. Get the services of a good roofer or a reliable roofing company to guide you as you choose the best roofing material that suits your budget.

Maintenance Method

As a homeowner in Savannah, maintenance to your roof is of great importance. You need to find out the steps needed to maintain the roof before buying. You must find out if you will need a professional roofer or if you can do it yourself. Also, make sure to find out about the cost associated with the maintenance practice.

Roof maintenance can be every six months or annually, depending on the advice from your roofer.

Strength and Resilience

Due to the location of this city and the hazards that come with it, homeowners must opt for resilient roofing material. Any leak in your roof tends to give way to water and damage your properties. Hence you need a resilient roof that can withstand leaks and prevent dents. Though no roofing material is absolutely fire resistant, It is advisable to go for a material that won’t flare up easily at any slight provocation of a nearby fire.


Checking the lifespan of the material you wish to opt for will do you a greater good as materials vary in lifespan. Hence go for the one that fits into the exact description of what you want. Make sure to choose a long-lasting material if you desire to stay long in the house. Though they cost more, they stay perfect for a longer period.

Building Codes

It is crucial to check local building codes when choosing a roofing material and stage it according to the state’s requirements. Due to hazards like hurricanes that come into play in coastal regions, these regions have stern codes when it comes to the roofing of buildings.

Before finally deciding on a roofing material, it is advisable to talk to a roofing professional first with their level of experience and knowledge about the roofing industry. They will be able to advise you accordingly and help you avoid making a costly mistake. It would be best if you also considered all the tips mentioned above when making your purchase.

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Written by Joshua White

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