Every January on the second Wednesday that falls on or between January 5 to 11, the city of Devonport in northern Tasmania, Australia annually holds a celebration for The Devonport Cup. So be it via commute, your private vehicle, or your own personal mobility device like an electric scooter, make sure you get there!

This year, The Devonport Cup will be held on January 11, 2023 at the Devonport Racecourse and based on records, 6,500 or more visitors pay their visit to this looked-forward-to occasion. In fact, so many guests come in their best attire, and they can choose to enter the Fashions on the Field competition where prizes are given in different age groups for the best-dressed man, woman and couple, plus an overall winner. I’m telling you, if you’re in Tasmania or even Australia, it’s the place to be on the 11th of this month!

Tell Me More About the Devonport Cup

The Devonport Cup is a Listed race which in horse racing is categorized as Group level or is in Group One which is 3 steps down from the highest level in terms of quality. The Devonport Cup can trace its history back to 1902 and its race winners back to 1918, with only a short disruption during World War II. It is counted as one of the three major cups in Tasmania alongside the Hobart and Launceston Cups. The Devonport Cup (1880m) boasts a total prize pool of $100,000 AUD and is run under handicap conditions which means requiring horses to carry a predetermined weight, based on the horse’s past performances. The added weight levels the playing field by assigning horses with better records to carry more weight. In theory, handicaps give all the horses an equal chance of winning.

The Devonport Cup is truly a local holiday for the Municipal area of Devonport, with an urban population of 26,150 according to the 2021 Australian census. The Municipal areas are Latrobe, Kentish, City of Burnie, Waratah/Wynyard, Circular Head, Central Coast and West Coast but visitors may come from outside Tasmania and from different areas of Australia.

Ride Hub Australia will get you to The Devonport Cup

Tickets are available from the club and selected venues around Devonport and vary in price from picnicking on the grass, to seating, to access to exclusive areas, with great food and drinks sold around the venue for the duration of the day. 

Once you secure your tickets, make sure you get there safely and in your best ride. One of the best rides is through a fast electric scooter that is convenient, economical, and eco-friendly! If it gets you out of traffic and saves you time, it’s the ride for you.

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Enjoy The Devonport Cup Experience

You don’t really need to be a punter or a regular race-goer to enjoy this local Tasmanian holiday, you can just be there for the experience of it and meet new people. Celebrate entering 2023 with a blast! 

Everyone who goes, simply enjoys the hype and interaction at the Devonport Racing Club, and businesses and private groups often host their own marquee with food, champagne and networking.

And, of course, most goers enjoy a punt on their favorite horse – whether by deliberate choice, an online bookmaker or random guesswork.

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