Review Of TONOR TRL-20 – Selfie Tripod Stand

TONOR TRL-20 - Selfie Tripod Stand

Are you keen to record incredible videos in excellent quality even in poor lighting conditions? Do you want to confidently participate in Zoom conferences? Do not worry; we are here to guide you for the best selfie rings which are quietly useful and a great way to improve your videos’ quality with optimized lighting.

TONOR TRL-20 tripod stand is one of the popular equipment in which selfie rings are specially designed to improve your selfies and videos’ quality to a great extent. The whole set-up is supplied with a tripod holder, mount smartphone holder and a Bluetooth remote. The tripod stand is actually an all-in-one combination that you can use for your zoom lectures, YouTube broadcasts, TikTok videos and for your high grade photography skills. The device is fully compatible with both Android and iOS systems and you can easily control the lighting with its remote control.

Exciting Features of TONOR TRL-20 Selfie Ring –

Following are some of the convenient features of 12-inch selfie ring from TONOR:

  1. A Dimmable Ring Light: The device is broadly used to control the ring’s brightness based on the lighting in the room and other factors. Having 3 different color modes: cool, warm, and natural; the device easily controls the light modes using the USB cable’s buttons.
  2. High-quality with long lifespan: Made of high-quality materials for a longer lifespan, TONOR TRL-20 can take up to 20,000 hours of operation. It is definitely high-quality to offer surge protection and electrostatic shielding. The technology used in it contributes to the product’s quality and extends its service life.
  3. Improved Tripod Stand and a Smartphone Holder: TONOR TRL-20 comes with a tripod mount and a smartphone that are well used to adjust the whole set-up for your convenience. The ring light can be placed anywhere according to your ease, at any angle and with the brightness you want.
  4. A Remote Control: The product comes with a remote to control the lighting for easy selfies and video recordings. With it, you can control everything as its remote works with Bluetooth and can be operated from a distance of 10 to 20 meters. The remote control used for the device is compatible with both Android and iOS and can be easily configured for making Vlogs and videos and taking selfies.

Pros of Tonor TRL-20 –

  • 3 light modes and 10 adjustable brightness levels
  • LEDs are offered with 12-inch ring light
  • Durable material
  • Easy to use (Bluetooth remote control)
  • High-quality tripod stand
  • USB interface

Conclusion –

If you are looking to purchase the best light photo based stand for making videos and taking selfies, nothing can beat TONOR TRL-20 Selfie Light Tripod Stand.  This product will prove to be the best choice for a medium-sized light ring. It has much more to think about – LEDs in a 12” ring light, Bluetooth remote controls, 3 color modes, USB interface, 10 brightness levels and 20,000 hours of service life. Just go for it and feel the change in your life.