Having a special moment with the backdrop of the blue seas and sun atop is an unmatchable feeling. A dinner, sailing in the calm waters of Dubai with a bottle of champagne and friends around, could not be more exciting. 

Event bookings on rental yachts are different from the usual bookings. The same goes for the rates as well. This post will discuss yacht party Dubai price to help you the next time you book a yacht for an event.

Rates for renting a yacht in Dubai for special events

The rates for booking a yacht for events depend on certain factors. You need to be ready with the details pertaining to these elements to make the yacht selection easy.

  1. Type of event
  2. Duration of the event 
  3. The number of people
  4. Extras

Type of event

The type of event plays a major role in deciding the rate of yacht renting. Each event has its own arrangement so the company will have a specific rate for a particular occasion. The most common among these are weddings, ceremonies, birthday parties, and business events.

For birthday parties, the range starts from 12 to 15,000 AED for 4 hours, while for business events, it varies from 4,000 to 15,000 AED for the same duration. Similarly, you will get an amount for others.

Formula 1 is a major time of the year when yachts are booked to witness the race and enjoy the celebratory mood of Dubai. The rate for the season will be different from the usual holiday rates.

Duration of the event

The event’s duration is considered before deciding the final price. A minimum-hour fixed price would be mentioned, and the charge will increase if the event extends beyond that.

The number of people

The count of people will decide a small element of the rate. The same is considered even if you rent a yacht for a typical holiday.


If you need to add something special to enhance the vibe of the occasion, you can request the company to arrange that along with the other event decorations. A charge will be levied on it.

Yacht party Dubai price chart for various vessels

YachtNew Year’s EveBirthday PartiesWeddings & AnniversaryBusiness EventsFormula 1
Sunseeker 90 FlyAED 40,000(7 hours)AED 24,000(4 hours)AED 4,000(Per Hour)AED 4,000(Per Hour)AED 400,000
Duretti 85 – Black PearlAED 45,000(6 hours)AED 15,000(4 hours)AED 10,000(5 hours)AED 15,000(4 hours)AED 175,000
Aicon 85 – TaygetAED 50,000(6 hours)AED 30,000(4 hours)AED 4,000(Per Hour)AED 20,000(4 hours)AED 175,000

Entertainment on board when renting a yacht in Dubai

Fun activities are a part of any event. On yachts, it gets even better with watersports. Let’s see a few:

Water skiing

Water skiing can be fun for those who want a solo experience. To be pulled behind a speed boat with a cable to hold while sailing on a ski or two can give quite an adrenaline rush. This adventurous sport is often part of college alumni meets or fun get-togethers.


It is a slow yet fun experience for those who want to laugh with their companions. Paddleboards are fun to watch too. Paddleboard races are conducted as leisure-time games.


Some yachts will have movie theatres to add a classy touch to the voyage. If you plan to chill watching a film with your loved ones, you can ask for a vessel with the facility while booking.


DJ parties are included chiefly for college reunions, new year events, or other special night occasions. Mention the need for a DJ booth while booking, and the company will arrange the apt cruise for you.

Sightseeing on a yacht

There are excellent spots in Dubai to be visited during a voyage. If not a stop, you can at least get a spectacular view of the places while de-stressing on board. Yacht party price in Dubai will differ according to your choice of destinations.

Burj Al Arab

The 7-star hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Apart from high-class facilities such as private beaches, butlers, and posh lifestyles, the hotel’s architecture is a factor that made it famous. Get a spectacular view of this marvel from a yacht, and it will stay etched in your memory for years.

World Island

A man-made archipelago in the shape of a world map is a sight. Although you cannot get the complete view from a yacht, you can get a lateral panorama of these islands, take insta-worthy pics with them in the background and visit the hotel and other beautiful destinations there.

Dubai Creek

A creek that divided Dubai into two and helped the city to grow into the metropolitan it is today, it is a sight to behold. Take a look at this historical waterbody and enjoy the coastline of Dubai while sailing on a yacht of your choice.

Jumeriah Beach Residence

JBR is one of the busiest residential areas located between the sea and Dubai Marina. The area is full of life and gives a glimpse of Dubai life. Don’t forget to add the spot while booking your cruise.

Bluewater Island

The Island has a lot for shoppers. There is also a wax museum with exhibits of famous personalities that you should not miss. The scenic beauty and greenery give quite a view from a yacht.

Search for the best deals

Understand your needs for the event. Convery the same to the company to get its assistance. Before finalizing a rate, ensure there are no other better offers elsewhere. Some companies might have better deals, do not miss that.

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