People are Racing to Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first digital currency ever to surface in 2009, which changed the mindset of people. This decentralized finance system eliminated the intermediatory channels in a financial transaction like that of banks or government in all traditional payment systems. Today, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies making fortune in the market, with Bitcoin still topping the list. The blockchain technology used to operate Bitcoin is a secure system that consists of a chain of transaction databases that are verified and encrypted in blocks. These blocks are secured by miners throughout the network, and the system itself is immutable, meaning that once a transaction is made, it cannot be altered. With a maximum limit of 21 million Bitcoins that can ever be in circulation, the market has already reached 18 million. Despite the presence of numerous other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin remains the most popular, with approximately 804.67 million Bitcoin transactions to date, marking a 13.34% increase from last year. Read more about the Thorenext platform by clicking here.

Here are a few handfuls of reasons why there is a race among people to own Bitcoin:


Bitcoin transactions are not authorized or verified by any bank or institute, but rather through a blockchain network, where they are verified and cryptographically encrypted. The most interesting part is the transactions offer comprehensive anonymity. A trader can buy, sell, or store Bitcoins in a wallet without sharing a single personal data. This is also one of the best security hurdles for hackers, who cannot reach out to any personal data on the first stand. However, owing to this anonymity, it is very important to store your holdings in a secure wallet, where there can be no scam access.

Peer-to-Peer Interaction

Unlike traditional payment methods where the transaction is completed via a third party, it can take a waiting period, to get completed. In the traditional payment method, there is a third-party platform that executes the transaction. These platforms automatically charge a transaction fee, besides sometimes these platforms are also subjected to data theft and scam breaches. Concerning this scenario, Bitcoin uses a peer-to-peer interaction, where the two parties involved in a transaction directly interact eliminating the third-party involvement. Reduced fee for the transaction, no dependency, and also no limit of transaction makes it rather lucrative.

Data Security

With an integrated decentralized Bitcoin transaction data channeled across different nodes. Every transaction is recorded in the ledger with a time stamp, and since they are encrypted in a block, it becomes immutable. This makes tracking every single piece of data easier. Besides hackers and frauds can have a tough time too since no changes can be made an encrypted data.

Lightning-speed Transactions

Bitcoin transactions in contrast to bank transactions mostly take place instantly. While in banks sometimes a transaction gets delayed due to internal reasons, third-party processing, and other complexities, in a Bitcoin transaction managed within a peer-to-peer network, it is rather faster. Moreover, you can send an unlimited amount of funds in Bitcoin from across the globe without much transaction fee as compared to bank transfers.

It is a known fact that both bank transfers and Bitcoin transactions require a transaction fee. However, in the case of Bitcoin, the fee for international transactions is typically lower than that of traditional bank transfers.


The rapid growth of the popularity of Bitcoin is opening new arenas of opportunities and benefits to the world. The future is brimming with high-end chances of Bitcoin coming into mainstream payment operations. Some experts even go to the extent of analyzing the scope of cryptocurrencies replacing the fiat currency system in the future. With minimized transaction fees of transaction in Bitcoin, the financial system is going to be cost-effective to a great extent. Moreover, as mentioned earlier across international boundaries the payment gateways charge huge transaction charges, whereas if you make Bitcoin transfers the transaction fee is comparatively much lower.

Thus, when planning for Bitcoin investment trading, initially the most important step is to do market research, research on secured exchanges, and wallets where you would store your holdings, to ensure that your trading is secured. Besides, new opportunities for investment besides Bitcoin, like investment in Yuan currency, through Yuan Pay Group can also be profitable, with the rising demand for the currency in the global market. However, the foremost important thing for any investment is to do a good deal of research about the investment, risk factors, investment portfolio management, and so on.

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