Microsoft Office 365 backup is the latest product from Microsoft which was developed by utilizing cloud technology. In short, Office 365 combines various Microsoft services such as Word, Excel, SharePoint, Teams, Outlook, and others. Because Office 365 has implemented cloud technology, all of these services are easily accessible from anywhere, at any time, and through any device as long as they are connected to the internet. 

Microsoft office 365 backup helps companies and business people because it connects directly with additional software based on cloud computing, namely Hosting Exchange Server, SharePoint, Skype for Business Server, and Windows 10 Enterprise. A little leak about the advantages of Office 365, is that this service does not need to be updated manually because it will be updated automatically regularly without requiring additional fees.

Even though currently Office 365 has brilliant prestige, especially among business people, other versions of Microsoft Office still have a special place in the hearts of loyal users. Then, what exactly is the difference between Office 365 and other versions? Spinbackup Friends can find the answer by stopping briefly at the following article on Microsoft 365 and Office 2019  

Advantages Of Office 365 That Can Be Utilized

In the previous section, we gave a little sneak peek at the advantages of Office 365, namely that it can be updated automatically regularly without additional costs. So, to find out other advantages of Office 365, see in full the discussion below. Happy reading!

Increase Job Work Productivity and Team Collaboration

The first advantage of Office 365 is that it makes working in teams easier. With Office 365 backup, files or documents can be shared easily so they can collaborate with the team or outsiders who want to share them.

You can work on the same document with other people at the same time. Or your team can edit it from anywhere and anytime. Of course, this will increase productivity and work will be more efficient.

Storage Access to Cloud Storage

The next advantage of Office 365 is that it provides a cloud storage bonus of 1 TB (Terabyte) on Microsoft OneDrive. So you can freely store and access data and files anytime and anywhere. By subscribing to Office 365, you no longer need to buy separate cloud storage because Office 365 has provided it for free.

Can Be Used On Multiple Devices At Once

The next advantage of Office 365 is that Microsoft Office 365 can not only be used on one device but many devices. Users can use Office 365 via a laptop with the MacOS or Windows Operating system, tablet, or smartphone. 

Privileges for Microsoft Office 365 for business users, they can use the service simultaneously on 5 user devices at once. So that the process of coordination in business work can be done easily and quickly. Very useful, right?

Auto Sync

Don’t worry, all files and folders will be synced automatically. Because the advantage of Office 365 is that it is already integrated with cloud storage. So you don’t need to worry if the files you have edited will still be there. Files that have been synchronized can also be accessed via mobile phones, computers, or tablets.

Has a Sophisticated Security Level

A sophisticated level of security is one of the strengths of Office 365. Because Microsoft Office 365 is equipped with ISO / IEC 27001 security standards. These security standards have been recognized internationally so that all documents and user personal data will be guaranteed safe. 

In addition, the Office 365 service is currently in compliance with the European Union’s Directive Data Protection security standards. With an international-class level of security, you don’t have to worry anymore about data leaks or hacking of Microsoft Office 365 services.

Providing a Complete Range of Supporting Applications

By subscribing to Office 365 backup, users will get a variety of supporting applications that are very complete and help in their daily work. 


OneDrive is a cloud-based application for uploading and storing all your files so that they can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere. Through OneDrive, it will also be easy to share files with other people through any device.

Apart from those mentioned above, other supporting applications connected to Office 365 are Microsoft Teams, Outlook Online, and Delve Board.

24-Hour Customer Service

Responsive customer service will make it very easy for customers. If there are interruptions or problems when using Office 365 backup services, then you don’t need to worry. Because customer service can be contacted via chat, telephone, and email at any time for 24 hours to handle complaints and be ready to help you.

Flexible Subscription Fees

Office 365 classifies subscription prices into five types, namely Home, Business, Business Premium, ProPlus, and Enterprise. Home is intended for personal or family users and access is limited to only five users. While Business and Business Premium are equipped with online services SharePoint, Skype for Business, and Microsoft Exchange.

ProPlus offers access to Microsoft Office 2019 services and can be used by up to five users. The latter, namely Enterprise, is intended for corporate environments and is equipped with more complete features (all Office applications, hosted Microsoft Exchange, and others).

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Simplify Business Processes

One of the most important uses of Microsoft 365 is to simplify business processes. Through the available features, Office 365 backup can help collaboration, communication, and cooperation between company members remain stable even though they are remote.

For example, even if business employees don’t work face-to-face, using OneDrive they can easily share files. Through Microsoft Teams and Skype, they can do video conferencing smoothly. So that work will continue to run stable and easily.

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