Read this and choose the best wooden flooring for the home

Wooden floors are currently in trend as it adds elegance, classiness and chic feature to the interiors. Plus, they are extremely easy to maintain and modern. However, choosing between the different options can be difficult given the diversity you can find among them. So, it becomes necessary to learn about the different characteristics of the various wooden flooring available to choose which one will be best for your place. 

Different types of wooden flooring and their characteristics

Here in the following points, you will find different types of wooden floor available in the market and where it suits the best:

Engineered wood flooring

These floors contain 2-3 layers of wood specially designed for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and dining. Because of its multiple layering, it is more resistant to warping, but still, it should be avoided in places where there is too much humidity, like in the bathroom. Also, it is best not to install it in the staircase as it is time consuming to lay. 

On the other hand, this wooden floor’s positive point is it is less prone to change due to humidity, is cheaper than solid wood, and is more attractive than laminate floors. 

Laminate flooring

It is a synthetic flooring designed using multiple layers, including an HDF core, a photographic image of real wood and a moisture-resistant bottom layer. These are best to install in high traffic areas that need frequent cleaning like studies, playroom, living room, etc. In addition, some products also come with a waterproof core that are also suitable for kitchen and bathroom areas. 

Solid wood flooring

Solid wood floorings are made of single wood pieces with a thickness of 18 to 20 mm. Moreover, this wooden floor has a classical appeal which attracts the people the most. Plus, they are long-lasting and easily polished to restore the look. So, you can install it anywhere where there is not much humidity. Particularly speaking, it is best for living areas and hallways where you can show it off to the guests and clients. 

Bamboo flooring

Another type of wooden floor that you can consider for your house is bamboo floors. These are highly sustainable as they grow much faster than hardwood trees. The industries make this by compressing bamboo fibres using high temperature and pressure. Also, the main advantage of installing this flooring at the home is it prevents the growth of mildew and mould. So, it works well for all the rooms. However, even if it prevents moisture, it is still not waterproof, so avoid installing it in the bathroom. 

Cork flooring

These are made from the cork tree bark where the bottom layer includes compressed cork, the middle layer contains MDF, and the top is good-quality cork. Cork flooring feels like a soft surface; thus are a great choice for playrooms and children’s bedrooms. 


Wooden floors are becoming the choice of every house owner because of the aesthetic appeal it adds to the home. Not only this, it is quite budget-friendly when compared to other flooring option and very easy to install. However, to make sure you are not making any wrong choice before installing it, make sure you consider the above information.