Psychology of Fanbases How Fans Are Made Into Billion Dollars Industry

Fandoms are a mammoth power. And as we all know, with power comes great responsibility… Money comes too! 

Fans are capable of anything when it comes to their idols (directly and not; for clarity, any influencer can become an idol, not only a male member of a Korean band). Those invest their time and resources in the success of somebody who inspires them… And it slowly becomes one of the craziest industries in the world.

A creator who has plenty of free TikTok followers can expect to get paid for their attention. Get paid very well and even abnormal sums. 

Many years ago, there was an analysis of our costs as users of Facebook. The estimated price for each is around $15 with it growing every year.

But what if we take a look at the influence of famous people who can use trust to sell us anything we never wanted before. Many even sell relationships, love, and body image issues with a smart marketing strategy. 

How Fanbases Work Explained

Each fanbase is unique. It’s a secret world of photos, memes, and even fanfiction that bonds hundreds and sometimes millions of people together in the dance impossible to get for an outsider. 

Anything can become a fandom. Anybody can become a fan.

For example, there is even a fanbase on the internet about pottery. They have their wiki specifically for discussing ceramica. Must be the best fandom ever. 

To explain how fanbases work, let’s take a look at Asia. Asian fan culture is much more developed than one in Western countries. 

When Americans have an idol, they have Merelin Monro and toxic paparazzi. 

If not, Asians tend to become the biggest supporters, brothers and sisters to their idol, and toxic paparazzi themselves (all at once). 

Guide to Becoming a Perfect K-Fan

  1. Find an idol who inspires you and is likable enough to spend 24/7 on them
  2. Meet fandom insiders and get to know everything you need 
  3. Know all the editions on sale from your idol person, and make sure to be the first to buy it
  4. Collect everything you possibly can collect 
  5. Be at all fan meetings, concerts, and events that take place 
  6. Buy more and more stuff
  7. If possible, make your room into an altar with all the merch available on the Earth

Surely, everything is an exaggeration. Not about the room though: in most cases, you actually need to have an idol-focused room to have the room for all your things. It’s a lot of merch, as a rule.

With all these expenses, it makes one wonder: how much money costs to be a fan and how much somebody so desirable earns per month. We dare to bet more than any fans themselves. 

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