Proven Practices to Affect The Number of Likes on Instagram Account

Proven Practices to Affect The Number of Likes on Instagram Account

The initial question that emerges for everyone who wants to become an influencer is how to grow a blog quickly and effectively. You should consider lots of nuances if you want to succeed on Instagram. For instance, likes, despite the possibility of hiding their actual number, matter a lot for your growth.

But many people struggle to find a balance between all the tasks that are set before their eyes as they begin their journey on IG. So it’s unsurprising that there are numerous services where influencers can boost multiple pictures with cheap Instagram likes from Buytoplikes, for example. And this is great because you can actually have balanced and controlled growth.

A respected expert in social media marketing Ronald A. Harris offers his proven tips and hacks for getting more IG likes.

Proven Practices to Affect The Number of Likes on Instagram Account

Is there any need to buy hearts and other stats for social media?

According to Ronald, the possibility itself is good, if you keep in mind that modern competition in most niches is huge. But users have to be smart about the integration of paid services in their strategy of growth on Instagram.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should simply invest in paid services; your ultimate goal remains – triggering the interest of the organic audience. Hence, one has to realize that purchased likes can be a great assistance, but if used unwisely, they can harm your progress as real users will suspect things you don’t want them to suspect.

Focus On Socializing

In the pursuit of productivity, it is easy to forget that IG is a social platform before everything else. Meaning – people come here to communicate. To get more faves, shares, and saves on Instagram you have to be a likable person who is pleasant to interact with. And you must take the initiative in your hands too.
If you want more Insta likes:

  • hit the heart for other users’ posts,
  • write comments,
  • save and repost things you consider valuable and interesting.

In other words – use the network as you should be using it, taking the max from each option that is made there for you. Being active yourself also grants better visibility, and that leads to better ratings. Thus, the algorithms of Instagram will work in your favor.

Know Your Audience

This hack is kind of obvious, but it is always worth mentioning. Examine what your target group prefers, and use this knowledge as a weapon. Of course, the content that you create has to be authentic and everything, meaning you shouldn’t be comfortable and fitting for 100% of your followers’ approval, but you must consider their behavior if you want more likes for IG.

First of all, think twice before posting anything and try to imagine the average reaction to your Instagram post – if it doesn’t seem to be positive, it will be better for you to leave that idea behind. The more you know about your followers, the better chance to produce great content and not trigger the viewers. For sure, you also have to know what are modern good manners, for example, how to name people tolerably, what are currently hot topics to avoid, and how you should behave yourself so as not to offend someone.

Geotagging As A Form Of Art

I sometimes wonder why bloggers forget this little thingie called geotagging. It is completely adorable and effective when you want to gain more:

  • likes,
  • views,
  • comments,
  • followers.

People tend to follow bloggers from the same regions more than foreigners – thanks to evolution that made us highly social mammals.

So even if a user likes someone who is globally known, there is a huge possibility they will also follow someone from the same niche and who lives in their country. And how do you easily reach your neighbors? You geotag your posts! The system will expose your content more often to users from this location, and you will attract a more loyal audience to your blog – and I think this is simply a beautiful way to gain more attention to your profile on Instagram.

Make It Personal

Again, Instagram is a social platform, and I don’t even know how to stress it even more. The conclusion here is clear as day – people want to see other people. And what makes us people and can be exposed digitally? The charm of personality. Modern blogosphere is actually overwhelmed by copycats – trendsetters who simply follow a guideline from more popular colleagues. And this is why users appreciate original personalities more than ever.

Don’t be afraid to share what’s on your mind – you are totally in control of your profile, and you can decide how much you want to expose. Be yourself; that is the only ground rule. People feel if you lie to them, even through the screen of their device. Besides, fake personalities are too hard to secure these days due to the significant impact of the media.

Improve Your Content

A blogger has to be like fine wine – aging only makes it better. So you should constantly be analyzing your performance and see how it works. Do not look only for likes or views:

  • Regard your progress as a complex of metrics that have to be balanced.
  • If something drops out of the perfect dance, then you have to work on it.

But I must say that nothing stimulates users for more Instagram likes than a fine improvement of your content quality. Be scrupulous in your posts and always aim for the best performance to get the most positive reaction.

Proven Practices to Affect The Number of Likes on Instagram Account 1

An Afterword From Ronald A. Harris

When it comes to the question of how to get more likes for your Instagram, I usually say that this is the wrong question to ask. I don’t know why people think that getting many hearts is so important and forget about everything else. Growth on IG is a system that is held in balance by multiple tools, and Instagram likes are only one instrument from this toolbox. Want to have many hearts – you must improve every last aspect of your social media life or business success so that the likes will come naturally and inevitably.