Pros And Cons Of A Distance Tutor For Applicants

Pros And Cons Of A Distance Tutor For Applicants

The development of information technology has opened up new opportunities for tutors. If earlier they had to go to other people’s houses, arrange a classroom from their own apartment or stay late at work, now there is a great alternative – tutoring at a distance. Distance tutoring is an invention of the 21st century, when communication on the Internet reached the global level and became commonplace for the population. If people can pay bills online, buy clothes, sign contracts, and so on, why not practice distance learning as well? For instance, students prefer joining GAMSAT tutoring at MedicMind, for hiring GAMSAT tutors, click here.

Why go somewhere: looking for a tutor on Skype

For educators, the benefits of distance learning are visible and obvious. What are the advantages for applicants using the services of an online tutor?

Formation of the skill of remote work

The ability to establish “online contact”, as well as to master the software necessary for remote work (GoogleClassroom, Whiteboard, Moodle, OpenSourse services, etc.) is an important skill for a modern young person.

Self-planning of the class schedule

It is much easier to develop an individual learning trajectory and determine the schedule of classes for each week than to study in a clearly allotted time, and fill the missed time on your own. You can get in touch with an online tutor both in the evening and early in the morning, if you had a free hour.

Individual approach

It is good to analyze one thematic block every week for those who grasp it “on the fly”, and took the tutor only for safety net. In the process of teaching applicants with large knowledge gaps, a distance tutor needs to take into account which topics he knows better and which ones are worse. Sometimes it makes sense to conduct an additional online lesson in order to consolidate a recently passed topic.

Save time

Why spend a few hours visiting a tutor (besides the road itself, you also need to eat, get dressed, collect textbooks, “do not have time” on business due to the small amount of time, etc.), if you can turn on Skype in your room at any time and start a lesson.

No strangers in the house

Applicants do not live alone, they have at least parents (or even brothers and sisters) in their house, and living conditions do not always allow them to have a separate room. Turning to the services of an online tutor will remove the problem of the presence of an outsider, embarrassing all other inhabitants.

Saving money

Considering the prices for travel in minibuses and the subway, you can find another plus in Skype tutoring. A trip twice a week there and back on two types of transport can result in a tidy sum, which can be greatly saved if you study with a tutor remotely.

The ability to study on Skype removes the need to adapt to the training system of a particular teacher, frees up a lot of time and leaves options for building an individual lesson schedule.   

What am I teaching and where is this teacher? Disadvantages of distance tutoring

Not everyone likes the total digitalization of the learning process. Many refuse to study with tutors on Skype, explaining their refusal for various reasons. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Problems with determining the qualifications of a tutor

All parents want their children to become students, so they pay a lot of attention to finding a tutor. It is sometimes completely impossible to understand how literate the tutor is and is suitable for their child, based only on a telephone conversation or a Skype conversation.

Difficult to carry out objective control

What will prevent a negligent student from deceiving a gullible tutor and online reading answers from a poster hanging over the table? And if we are talking about written test tasks, it is even easier there – you open a book for yourself and put the necessary checkmarks in the given tests.

Methods of visualization are practically not involved

It is still possible to show flowcharts and portraits on Skype, but it is quite difficult to teach how to navigate in geographical maps or to demonstrate panoramic plots, and even more difficult is to check how an applicant navigates in these maps and plots.

Unstable Internet

The work of tutors on Skype is completely dependent on the availability of the Internet and the speed of information transfer. However, even the most technologically advanced countries do not have ideal providers. Therefore, a planned lesson can easily break down if the light goes out or the Internet cable is damaged.

Skype hangs

If your child does not have access to a computer with a large amount of RAM, the study of the subject can turn into a big problem due to the constantly interrupted image in the “hanging” Skype

Relaxing home environment

What are online tutors when there are so many interesting things at home? Eating, watching a movie, playing your favorite game, chatting on the phone is much more important than looking at the monitor screen! The option clearly suggests itself to put the status “Offline” on Skype, and then justify the lack of the Internet.

Online tutors are a relatively recent phenomenon in the domestic education system, so many of the nuances of their work are not clear to everyone, and the unstable Internet is often frightening. There is only one way out – to work on the shortcomings and conquer the educational services market. Each of the applicants chooses a tutor who is comfortable for him. However, it is worth considering whether it is so important to see the teacher face-to-face, and is the Internet such a bad thing that you would refuse to use modern and promising teaching methods? The choice is yours!

Last Words

Whether you admit it now or not, digitalization has become one of the most essential needs of everyone’s life. Therefore, it is mandatory for every student to not to hesitate hiring an online professional tutor for study assistance. According to Forbes, 70% of the students in the US and Europe are convinced by online hiring tutors. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and hire the best tutors online at MedicMind.