Professional Fishing and Boat Charter Guide

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What is Fishing?

Welcome to Deep Sea Fishing at  Island Rhythm Charter company! The fishing area of Praslin was founded only because the best place for deep sea fishing is there. Throughout history, the short distance to the fishing banks of the Indian Sea has provided income for many skilled fishermen. But more than that, it has provided a great fishing scope for the tourists indeed.

How to plan your trip

To enjoy every moment from the beginning of your trip, you need to ensure that you have all the sources of enjoyment as well. Though you had been the best fisherman in your area, but in Seychelles, it might not be the same. So, it’s really important for you to make sure that you get a refreshing charter tour that gives you all the luxuries you’ve always wanted!

About  Island Rhythm Charter

After researching on the trip and guide sources for about 27 years, it was finally found out that fishing tours had been lagging behind in case of proper opulence. But it can be proudly said today that a fishing charter brand is established now that truly competes with other local brands in the same line of operation and that is “Island . The famous Boston Whaler is included in our fleet for our fleet and is appreciated by our clients. All specialized equipment is also invested to provide highly professional equipment for all forms of fishing. 

Providing professional fishing in Seychelles is the main goal of this Company. Locally and for visitors who come to Seychelles to enjoy a great fishing trip experience are delighted by the boat charter services. Get ready to flee to the deep sea, the ocean, and do some wonderful, abundant things. The picturesque ocean view and the various charming colors of the sea are waiting to mesmerize you. This company is considered as the leading company for fishing and boat charters. Yet, do not appeal to all styles, too by having the best fishing trips and charter rates for family budgets.

You need to keep in mind that Island Rhythm Charter is going to target big game predators in the deep seas more than 30 miles offshore, such as Blue Black Marlin, Sailfish, and Tuna of the Yellowfin. Closer to the sea, they will aim more at the popular Seychelles’ Red Snapper, Giant Trevally, and several more. Finally, for tourist’s convenience, a fruit platter and cookies will be served, along with soda and water. All the visitors will have sandwiches on all full-day trips, too. As a perfect alternative, a full-day trip is an excellent choice. Your latest catch will be barbecued for you by the crew.

The budget policy is very clear, as well as the security. A child under 5 years can’t be brought and also life vests are a must. The money will be charged including all the rods, reels etc. so you need not pay any extra charge. 

With all these specialities, why wouldn’t you want to plan a trip?