Presentation Opening Ideas To Capture Audience Attention

A key to a successful presentation is capturing the attention of your audience members and keeping them engaged throughout your presentation. You have to use a special tool that can make your presentation a lot more interesting. This is where software like SOOM comes into the picture. You can say goodbye to the traditional-style presentations because through this application, you can resolve all the problems related to PowerPoint Presentations once and for all. Apart from that, it also works perfectly as a video conferencing app, and you will not experience any issues with it. To know what this particular software has in-store? Check the information below. 

What Exactly Is SOOM?

SOOM carries a reputation for being an outstanding tool for creating the best PowerPoint Presentation. It will work perfectly with all the mainstream meeting software, such as Skype, Zoom, Discord, LARK, and VooV Meeting for recording and PPT presentation. You can record all your videos live and share them with no hassle. 

Apart from that, the software will allow you to connect with your video conferencing tool and make you go live easily. The best part about SOOM is that it will keep the presenter and the content visible to the audience at the same time. Using the software is not that difficult, and creating a presentation will take a matter of minutes. 

Features Of The SOOM Software

SOOM has some unique and extraordinary features that you should know about. Look below!

  • The software can be used for creating a presentation for various professions.
  • It comes with many templates.
  • You can make virtual backgrounds. 
  • The software will allow you to add annotations to your presentation.

How To Create A Presentation With SOOM To Capture Audience Attention?

When you are looking to make a presentation, you can use the SOOM software for the job. The steps listed here will enable you to create a prolific “LIVE” presentation. Check it out!

STEP 1- Choose A Presentation Template 

SOOM has many unique templates. You can skim through the templates and pick the one that might make the entire presentation a lot more engaging and interesting. Also, you must select the template right before you begin the recording or live presentation. 

STEP 2- Replace The Contents Within The Template

When creating an excellent presentation, you can add pictures, scene pages, text and various other components. You need to include all these things in advance within your video presentation. There are many elements available, so take a little time to check them out before using.

STEP 3- Record or Begin The Video Presentation

You must open up the third-party video conferencing APP, and once you enter the meeting, press on the “Open the Camera” option. After that, you can click on the “SOOM VCamera”, which give you access to all the SOOM scenes. Otherwise, you can press the “Record” button to complete the recording and then share the presentation later with the audience or your employees. 

The Bottom Line

Presentations should be unique, engaging and interesting at the same time. It should grab the attention of all those individuals who are a part of it. To create the perfect presentation that will grab the attention of your audience, use the SOOM software. It will run perfectly on Windows operating systems, and it’s simple and easy to use. The software is completely safe and will not freeze, stop or crash while you work on it.