Spring is around the corner, and one of the things that goes well with our beautiful images of spring is a Spring Equinox Meditation to help prepare you for the change of the seasons.  

Wherever you are at right now, in this very moment; however it is you are thinking and whatever it is you are feeling, it is always fluctuating. It will become different; it will transmute into something new.

Spring is an opportunity for renewal and rebirth—for planting seeds to nurture, and to witness the unending cycle of grow and change. It is also a reminder that we cannot be born again until we experience a sort of death—a shedding of old layers, habits, and outmoded beliefs. When we recognize that each waking moment is an opportunity to be born again, it is here, in the now, that we can experience the sheer joy of present moment awareness.

In the Northern Hemisphere on March 20, Spring Equinox has been honored for thousands of years as a celebration of life and fertility; a time for striking a balance between yin and yang —and as a “spring cleaning” of stagnant energy that has been stored over the long, dark and cold winter months.

Your yoga practie should be designed to facilitate that awakening; to gather and draw energy inward, and then release it outwardly as a metaphorical planting of seeds.

Shortly after the Spring Equinox is the celebration of Earth Day.  Practicing an Earth Day Meditation can also be very special in celebrating this important time.

This annual celebration of our earth began in 1970 as a wake-up call to the damage caused by air and water pollution. Before this first earth day, most people were truly unaware of the harm we were causing our planet. Earth Day is a time to shine a light on the very serious climate issues that we’re facing as a global community.  Awareness is an important place to start, but real change happens when we come together as a community, vote for policies that better the planet, and hold companies and politicians accountable. This celebration of earht really relates to yoga. Yoga brings people and communities together while putting us more in tune with our bodies and our environment.

One of the ways we can celebrate both Spring Equinox and Earth Day this season is through twisting sun salutations.  This literal twist on traditional Sun Salutations is helpful in preparing the body and mind for the upcoming season.

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