Preparing For The 37820X Exam

In the following paragraphs, I will share my experience regarding a certification exam I took lately. That was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed every bit of the voyage.  Let’s have a look.

Last month I took the Avaya 37820X ,  Avaya Midsize Solution Design Exam. The exam was a part of my certification credentials Avaya Certified Design Specialist – ACDS – 3781 – Avaya Midsize Solution Design. So, let me tell you about my experience. 


I am an IT professional with 5 years of experience in designing deploying and supporting corporate IT solutions. I work as a Customer Support Engineer for an ICT solution provider company. My job role includes the provision of deployment and support services to corporate customers. Our company is an authorized  Avaya Channel Partner for Avaya Solutions. I am an avid learner of technology and love to learn about the relevant technologies. I try to learn about the products and services I deal with. In my personal opinion, if you have the option of applying your knowledge while you learn, the knowledge is long-term and you learn things quickly. I do like certifications as they are meant to validate your skills and help you in learning as well as earning. I have done some professional certifications and they helped me a lot in terms of skills and professional advancement. In short, I believe in not only learning but getting it validated as well. The latest certification Avaya Certified Design Specialist ACDS – 3781 – Avaya Midsize Solutions Design is part of my quest to learn about the practically applicable knowledge. 

Planning For The Exam

As it is a product-based exam and credentials of a specific nature, so you are required to have some prior experience with the product. I was fortunate to have worked with the product on few projects done lately. Exam 37820X revolves around Avaya communication solutions for medium-level enterprises. As of now, I am a veteran certification exam taker so one thing I know for sure and that is how to make an effective strategy to prepare for a certification exam. Let me share it with you as well.

The first thing you need to know to plan for an exam is the objectives of the exam. You must be aware of what the exam vendor wants from you. The best place to know about the exam objectives is the website of the exam vendor. i.e Cisco knows better what they want a CCNP to be. Carefully reading the exam objective will bring a lot of clarity to you. 

The next thing you need to know is the course outline. This is very critical. As technical certifications are based on technologies, so the continuous evolution of the technology makes it necessary for the relevant knowledge and skills to be updated as well. Again the exam vendor is the right door to be knocked for this purpose. 

After getting updated with the above-mentioned information you can plan for the next. Next are the few questions you need to ask yourself which can be as following

  • When would I be taking the exam?
  • How much time I can give daily for the preparation of the exam?

The answers to the above two questions will provide you a solid foundation to make a sustainable plan.

The plan will include the following

  • What to read?
  • How to read?
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly progress targets

That’s how I make a plan for an exam. The same I did with this. The next stage of the exam quest is preparation.

Preparing For The Exam

After setting up a plan begins the preparation phase. To prepare for an exam you need the study medium. For every certification exam, there are multiple resources available to provide training and course material. 

Training can be classified into two major categories

  • Instructor-led Training
  • Self-paced Training


Instructor-led training can also be classified into two categories

  • Classroom-based training
  • Online Training

Instructor-led training is great but most of the candidates of certification exams find it difficult for two reasons. 

It is expensive. The majority of the candidate can’t afford it.

Most of the professionals find it hard to spare time for instructor-led training due to their busy schedules. Instructor-led training is not as flexible as the busy professionals want it to be. 

Self-paced Training

Self-paced training is the most popular training approach among professionals. Self-paced training can be flexibly adjusted according to personal requirements and circumstances. Plus you have multiple options to choose from. Nowadays, you can find a lot of different materials online to be used in the preparation of certification exams. Training resources may include video tutorials, podcasts, study guides, practice tests, past exam papers, braindumps, testing engines, simulators, pdfs, and whatnot. 

I did use the study material from Crack4Sure for the preparation of the Avaya 37820X exam. The material included PDF guides, a testing engine, braindumps, and practice questions and answers. My decision to chose Crack4Sure was based on my previous experience with certification exams. It took me 4 weeks to complete my preparation.

The Exam

After four weeks of training, I took the exam and passed it on my first attempt. 

That’s my story of preparing and passing the 37820X exam in the quest of Avaya Certified Design Specialist – Avaya Midmarket Solutions Design credentials. 


Communication is the foundational requirement of a business. Irrespective of the size of the business the reliance on communication is a common factor among them. For a business little larger in size or number of customers, managing communication is a tricky job. Only a hybrid system of communication can serve the purpose. Avaya is a world leader in enterprise communication. Unified communication is the stronghold of Avaya. Avaya Midsize Solution Design exam is part of the requirement for Avaya Certified Design Specialist – Avaya Midmarket Solutions Design certification. The certification validates the skills required to deploy and support the product. It is a professional credential helping the relevant professionals to validate and elevate their skills in the concerned domain.