Three popular casino games that got their start on TV

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Many of the most famous casino games have been around for centuries, with games like Blackjack and Roulette having long and storied histories. However, modern casinos feature plenty of games that are much more recent creations.

TV gameshows have proven a particularly fertile ground for creating fresh games for players to try, from formats like Deal or No Deal to individual games like Plinko UK. That’s why we’ve put together a list of three popular casino game offerings that got their start on TV before being adapted for an online audience.

  1. Deal or No Deal

If you’ve watched daytime TV in the last couple of decades then you’ve probably heard of Deal or No Deal. The format got its start in the Netherlands in 2000, but it wasn’t long before plenty of international spin-offs followed suit.

The show revolves around a contestant choosing which of multiple sealed boxes to open per round, with the aim of opening the ones with the lowest values and leaving the highest prize amounts on the board.

In between rounds, the unseen figure known as the Banker will call to offer them a deal based on what amounts are still in play, with the contestant having the choice to accept or continue playing at the risk of opening the wrong boxes.

The show’s massive popularity soon saw it adapted by casinos, with licensing agreements leading to themed slot machines based on the show. Some casinos also offer a live dealer game based on the format.

  • Wheel of Fortune

Debuting on American TV in 1975, the Wheel of Fortune has been airing continuously ever since. It’s one of the longest-running gameshows in history, so it’s no surprise that it’s inspired casino adaptations of its own.

The format centres around contestants trying to solve a hangman-style word puzzle, spinning the titular wheel to determine a prize value before guessing a letter. Over the years the game has evolved in its own right, adding extra features and twists to keep audiences interested.

In the mid-90s the Wheel of Fortune slot machine was unveiled and quickly became a popular staple in many casinos. The game incorporates many familiar elements from the show, including the spinning wheel and puzzle board, in combination with more standard Slots elements.

  • Plinko

Plinko was just one of the games featured on The Price is Right, first introduced a few years into the show’s run in 1983. However, it became a breakout fan-favourite and soon saw adaptations outside of the show.

The core gameplay of Plinko involves players dropping a chip from the top of the gameboard – which is lined with rows of pegs – to see which of the slots along the bottom it will drop into. The pegs make the descent of the chip far more random, bouncing it back and forward so that it’s impossible to tell which slot it will reach.

Physical versions of the game were adopted into many casinos, with digital adaptations developed once online gaming began to take off around the turn of the millennium. Online Plinko games range from a straightforward adaptation of the classic gameplay to a fusion with elements of Slots.

We can only guess what new casino games might spring out of other TV gameshows in the future!

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