Places to Stay for Silver Screen Staycation

Taking a movie mini-break screen staycation is an incredibly surreal experience. Imagine the amazing experience of being transported to another world when you kick back with a movie; silver screen staycation makes it even better, you get to visit the great movie scenes you see on screen.

Visiting these amazing scenes comes with several peculiarities including where to go and the cost. To make it easier for movie fans to choose the best silver screen staycation, a team at Betway compiled the costs.

Canto Bight

Almost all lovers of Star Wars love this glamorous coastal city. It is among the most luxurious casinos in the galaxy hence a lot of time is spent there by wealthy people. This location has so much fun to offer, ranging from the thrill of the Farhiers race to winning coins in the casinos.

It is one of the most expensive silver screen Staycations, estimated to be £219464.25. This cost is based on the hangouts of famous and rich people such as the reservation of a 5-star hotel and feeding.

The Overlook Hotel

The Overlook Hotel is another amazing place to stay. It is a grand location with incredible views of the Colorado mountains. It is an ideal silver screen staycation to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life because it is secluded. This also makes it quite creepy or scary for guests but if you choose this location, you get to enjoy a super calm atmosphere that’s totally disconnected from daily stress.

The inspiration for the original novel was Colorado’s Stanley Hotel, hence Betway estimated the cost of visiting The Overlook Hotel based on the accommodation and feeding details obtained from the official website. Other expenses include flights, insurance fees, etc. The total cost is estimated to be £2575.39. This significantly cheaper than Canto Bight hence can be afforded by more people yet offers amazing experiences.

Lost Angeles 2019

This is a futuristic silver screen staycation. The story was written based on a future Los Angeles of November 2019. This leaves the temptation of thinking Blade Runner’s LA 2019 would be easy to figure out but it is almost totally unrelated to what you would expect. For instance, darkness and eternal rain replace the sunny-haze of downtown LA, no animals so you won’t be seeing any fuzzy friends, and hover cars rule the city.

To estimate the silver screen staycation at Los Angeles 2019, Betway used the realities of modern-day Tokyo. There are no hover cars yet, hence cars are used. The estimate is just £1131.82, an incredible price for the amazing experiences offered.


This is an irresistible silver screen staycation for all fans of Harry Potter and lovers of magical places. Hogsmeade, the only wizarding village in Britain has lovely small thatched cottages with slanted roofs covered by snow. There are also floating candles, a touch of magic to guide you through the houses and streets. You can also get a pint of the very popular butterbeer and visit the most haunted home in Britain, the Shrieking Shack.

This is perhaps the cheapest silver screen staycation you will ever get, with an estimated cost of just £194. It definitely does not offer the high-class status of Canto Bight and LA 2019 but the experience is surreal for people into magic, especially at £194.


When Black Panther was released in 2018, it became an instant success, showcasing amazing mountains, waterfalls, plains, etc. It is one the latest silver screen Staycations hence it is largely untouched by tourists hence you will experience everything it has to offer in the best shape. It is an ideal location for both lovers of rolling countrysides and the city. Its beautiful purple sunsets, as well as the advanced technologies, are things to experience.

Nairobi is considered to be the nearest real-world equivalent of Wakanda hence the cost estimate was based on this in addition to flight cost. Betway’s estimate is £1096.36.

Isla Nublar

Dinosaurs are one of the greatest fascinations of every child. Jurassic World is the reality of many dreams about dinosaurs. Imagine what it feels like to share the same location with these incredible creatures, absolutely beautiful. You won’t be an odd one if you asked about safety in such a location; it is totally safe.

According to Betway’s estimation, Isla Nublar is only second to Canto Bight in terms of visitation cost. It costs about £15350.


The silver screen Staycations listed above covered diverse budget levels and experiences, choose what suits your preferences.