Dubai is a dream city and one of the most photogenic places ever. It is one of the most visited places among any other tourist destination in the world. The majestic skyscrapers, beautiful parks, and beautiful gardens filled with gorgeous flowers attract tourists here in Dubai. Not only do the metro stations here provide the best facilities to roam here, but there are options full of beautiful views here,  which thrills the tourists. Include activities that will make the vacation more pleasurable while creating an itinerary for Dubai Holiday.

Dubai is the fourth-most visited city in the world, which is crowded with tourists throughout the year. The main attractions of Dubai are its exquisite collection of architecture, resorts, and spas. The city is also known for its tall, tall buildings and the sea shores found here, where the colors of the turquoise waters make the trip a pleasant one. Apart from photography, there are many places like Dubai Palm Jumeirah and Burj Khalifa that offer a lot of activity apart from photography. Dubai has the world’s largest gardens and markets to visit with family and children all year round. Some cultural programmes are seen here every year. Through this article, we will discuss some such special places that will not only give countless hours of happiness during the trip, but will also provide an opportunity to take photos, which will help us keep them alive in our memories.

List of Top 06 Photogenic Places to Visit in Dubai

  • Dubai Miracle Garden
  • Bastakiya
  • Deira Souk
  • Burj al- arab
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is the world’s largest garden dedicated to the world’s most beautiful and amazing flowers, which opened to the public in 2013. It is as lovely as its name, and visitors flock from all over the world to view it. It covers a wide region of around 72000 square kilometers with brilliant blooms, making for a breathtaking experience. Various types of flowers from the country and outside, as well as local flowers, can be found here, and their smell fascinates it greatly, resulting in a better experience. The exotic ‘Floating Lady’ flowers can be seen in profusion here. 

As a result, the sound quality is greatly improved. This should be enough to persuade them to visit. There is also a track to get the best view of this bloom, as well as a facility to watch numerous flower varieties up close, all of which contribute to a more pleasant working environment. There is also a butterfly garden on the site. Along with this, over 15,000 species of butterflies can be found here, further proving its moniker. During the summer, it is closed for a period of time so that it can be better exposed to visitors in the coming season.

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Bastakiya is the oldest and most historical place in Dubai, which provides a pleasant experience for visitors. Bastakiya is also known as Al Fahidi Historic District or Al Bastakiya. Mainly, this place is located very close to Dubai Creek. Both these places not only help in keeping the memories associated with this place together, but also provide an ideal place for your Dubai honeymoon

These places help the Arab culture connect with the people who come here. During a visit to this historical place, one can see special places like old houses, brown wooden doors, wind towers, and white mosques, which are proof of the world’s unique architecture. Apart from this, it also introduces tourists to the historical Bastakia culture. This place can be visited from 10:30 to 12:00 on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and from 9:00 to 10:30 on Saturdays.

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Deira Souk

Although there are many markets to visit in Dubai, Deira Souk is quite different from all these markets. It is known as the largest gold market in the world. It is an ideal destination, which is enjoyed by all the tourists while visiting here. From old architectural styles to wooden arches, everything is sold in this market, which will not be found in any corner of the world. Apart from this, this market is also known for the bullion market, where very good quality gold is found. Apart from this, tourists visiting here also get an opportunity to buy varieties of other spices like cumin, saffron, frankincense, rose water, and incense, which makes this trip a special experience.

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The Burj Al Arab

When it comes to the top buildings in Dubai, where we’ve already discussed the best architecture like the Burj Khalifa, we all know that the Burj Al Arab is not only one of the best buildings in Dubai, but also the pride of the entire world. As is common, it is primarily one of the seven-star structures, which explains its practicality. Its primary attraction is also Jumeirah Beach, which is nearby and where this journey would be incomplete without a visit. The fact that this structure is one of the most photographed structures in the world is testament of its reputation. The main amenities offered inside the building include a Skyview bar, an underwater restaurant, and an outdoor tennis court. With a height of 321 meters, this building looks even more amazing with the illumination of lights at night. 

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Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is known not just for its beauty, but also for its height, which draws tourists from over the world. The list would be incomplete without the Burj Khalifa, which elevated Dubai to unprecedented heights both physically and metaphorically. At the same time, the construction employs “natural air conditioning,” which takes cold air to the top of the tower and distributes it throughout the building. Nothing like this has ever happened before. It has been open to the public since around 2010 and stands at a height of around 828 meters. It is still held in high respect as a symbol of Dubai’s allure.

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Dubai Aquarium

This is the largest aquarium not only in Dubai, but in the whole world, so you can see why visitors come here from all over the world. These aquariums are mainly located inside the Dubai Mall, where different species of sea creatures are seen. According to an estimate, about 140 types of aquatic species have been kept here. This aquarium has a length of about 48 meters, which can be rotated while having fun with family and children.

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