The Powerful PDF Editor Review – CocoDoc

PDF files are the most common file type out there that is used by many companies. Moreover, when you use PDF files, you can only edit them by converting the file or using a PDF editor which is what most people use. But, which PDF editor is the best in its field? In this article, we will be reviewing a world-famous PDF editor known for its quality output and security. This editor is known as CocoDoc. Let’s begin the review.


CocoDoc is an online PDF editor with countless features thanks to its revolutionary technology. Users from all over the world are active on the site using this editor and have incorporated it into their daily lives. Even professionals use the editor since it is very simple to access and even easier to add a PDF file and edit it with ease. This is perfect for anyone who has a lot of PDF editing to do and needs it done within seconds.

This PDF editor creates forms, e-signatures, merging, and compressing PDFs, and more in just a few seconds! The features might seem endless but they are perfect for all kinds of users.

Another benefit of this site is that you can easily sign up and sign in using your Google account. This has its own benefits since CocoDoc will save files to your cloud or Google Drive in case the original accidentally gets deleted and you can still edit them there.

Tools of CocoDoc

CocoDoc offers a large variety of tools to its users. A few examples of these tools are as follows:

E-Sign Feature

CocoDoc offers you an electronic Signature feature whi9ch you can use to sign documents with ease. The software adapts with your handwriting and scans your signature and implements it where you choose.

Creating Forms

This feature is very straightforward and one that is worth using. This feature allows you to fill any PDF form with convenience. It also helps use PDF form templates quickly.

Convert files

CocoDoc has a tool that allows a user to convert any file format of their choice into a PDF so they can use the editor to make corrections.

PDF Edits and Converting Files

This is the main feature of CocoDoc. It allows you to write, comment, erase, and add text as much as you want without taking up much space, In case you feel that your file is very large and want to lower the amount of space then simply use the compressing tool which lowers the total storage your file takes up without losing any quality of the file.

Advantages of CocoDoc

Excellent Security: CocoDoc is SSL certified. This means that no one can get access to your data without having your password. It is a safe system and there are no security risks in place

Amazing rates: You can subscribe to CocoDoc and get access to all features for a very small amount of money. Unlike Adobe or any other editor, CocoDoc offers subscriptions from as low as $4 per month to $25 per month.

14-day trial: If you are unsure if this is the site for you then CocoDoc offers a 14-day free trial where you get access to all tools for free! This is to help you make a planned decision.

Advanced features: CocoDoc has so many tools that many professional users come to it daily. It is simple to use and the large variety of features keep making users come back to take advantage of it.

Disadvantages of CocoDoc

Now, let’s discuss the disadvantages of CocoDoc.

No mobile Application: CocoDoc has a mobile application but it is not accessible to free users so you need to subscribe to a package in order to use it.

Paid tool: Unlike other tools, CocoDoc is a paid tool but it is extremely worth the investment thanks to its powerful features.


According to our review, CocoDoc is one of the best PDF editors out there! Both professionals and beginners can gain access to it and edit their PDFs as much as they want. Of course, you may find many other tools out there but you can’t find one with these many tools at such low rates! Because of that, we recommend CocoDoc as your reliable partner in PDF editing.

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