A Comprehensive Pay per Head Guide Exploring Everything You Need To Know About PPH Software

You might be a gaming veteran but have never heard of PPH software. You are not alone if this is the case, and for this reason, we will make this post as newbie-friendly as possible. Most people find the term pay per head somewhat confusing and complicated. 

However, this shouldn’t be the case. PPH simply refers to a business model that helps online gaming operators to automate the offerings of a private bookmaker enterprise while operating the betting site online. 

Pay Per Head Explained

In addition to being an onshore bookie, PPH is a gaming model that offers betting services and products to a specific clientele. Note that pay per head software relies on post-up offshore online-based bookies or sportsbooks to provide their tailored sports betting services. 

With PPH providers, gamers can enjoy access to anonymous internet-based sportsbook offerings. Gamers who use PPH providers use designated usernames and passwords to access their accounts on the online betting portal. 

Besides having access to real money sports betting accounts, gamers who wager on their favorite teams on PPH sites will also have access to the in-house customer care representatives. For this reason, expect short customer care wait times and fast answers to your queries.  It’s worth highlighting that players can also use the PPH customer service feature to place wagers via the toll-fee support lines. 

Reasons to use PPH software providers

There are many reasons why gaming operators are turning to PPH software providers, some of which include;

  • Conversion of private bookie businesses into full-service gaming operators
  • Provides independent bookmakers with the most effective tools for the operating and managing the business
  • Access to world-class customer service representatives that are professional and friendly
  • Expanded betting options, which allow gamers to enjoy 24/7 access to comprehensive betting markets
  • Integration of accounting software that helps in book-keeping

Comparison of top PPH software providers

Now that we have explained the meaning of pay per head and explored some of the reasons to use PPH software, let’s compare the top three 2022 pay per head software providers.


Established in 1997, Pay Per Head is among the veterans in the online gaming space. The PPH software’s mission remains to create technologies that allow bookies to take their iGaming businesses to the next level. Pay Per Head doesn’t leave anything to chance, and this will be among the first things you realize when you visit the brand’s site, which boasts a contemporary and well-designed website layout. 


Most gamers agree that Pay Per Head’s software is among the best in the market. Pay Per Head relied on the services of its in-house developers to design and create the company’s software. So, don’t be shocked to realize that Pay Per Head’s software has many unique features and functions that aren’t present in other mainstream PPH software. 

It is worth highlighting that Pay Per Head is one of the few software providers that offer regular and comprehensive software upgrades. Consequently, be on the lookout for new features, an interactive interface, and an intuitive gaming experience that’s easy to navigate.

Customer Services

The customer service representatives at Pay Per Head are accessible as they are responsive. For this reason, you won’t have to wait for an extended period before a support representative handles your issue. 

Besides Live Chat, gamers can also access the platform’s support representatives via a toll-free number. Also, remember to select a customer support channel that you can access without breaking a sweat. 


You can enjoy Pay Per Head’s services without spending a dime. We bet you are wondering how this is possible. Fortunately, the solution is simple. Register an account on the site for the first time if you want to enjoy two free weeks, after which you will pay 

  • $10.99 per head (Standard Package)
  • $12.99 per head (Prime Package)


Did you know that RealBookies has been in the online gaming scene for over two decades? The Pay Per Head software provider has also built a solid reputation by offering its premium services to over 1000 bookmakers worldwide.


Gaming enthusiasts who rely on RealBookies’ pay-per-head services can testify that the platform’s software is easy to use, thanks to its functional design layout. What’s more, the software has all the features you need to run a profitable, successful, and lucrative online betting business. The pay per head software aside, RealBookies also allows gaming establishments to acquire the following;

  • Casino software
  • Live casino software
  • Bookmaker or sportsbook software
  • Horse betting software

Remember that RealBookies boasts an excellent catalog of real money betting options, which allows the bookmaker to serve any betting market or gamer. 


You can access RealBookies’ services for as low as $10 per active player. Of course, yes. The PPH software provider charges premium rates for its software usage. Will this be a deal-breaker? Of course, not, especially when you remember that you will be paying for industry premium pay per head services. 

There is a tiered benefits or rewards program at RealBookies. Also, remember that you will be paying for active players when using RealBookies’ benefits program. As a result, you wil pay;

  • $9.50 per head for 30 to 49 players
  • $7.00 per head for over 1000 players. 


Like Pay Per Head, AcePerHead.com is another veteran in the online sportsbook scene. The 1998-established pay-per-head company has an excellent reputation, explaining its popularity with thousands of bookies worldwide. 


AcePerHead doesn’t use in-house developed software. Instead, the pay-per-head software provider relies on 3rd party software. For this reason, the functionality of this PPH software depends on the owners of the proprietary software AcePerHead uses. 

The Costa Rica-founded PPH company uses a variety of 3rd party software. Therefore, players who use this pay per head software can enjoy most of the standard betting features available on betting sites. 

The best part about using AcePerHead.com is it gives you a comprehensive and efficient way to manage your customer accounts. What’s more, you can also use the software to generate reports from a range of mobile devices thanks to the software’s excellent mobile compatibility.