Overview of Season of Mastery in World of Warcraft Classic

Season of Mastery is a yearly competition where players start at level 1 on a new server. It means no gold is given, and no twinking occurs. WoW, Classic content first releases, then releases new content phases every two months. Here’s the schedule. Some items were moved from Phases 3/4 to Phase 1; for instance, PvP and Battlegrounds were moved from Phases 3/4 to Phase 1. 

Overall there will be six stages in the game: wow classic som gold, each of which offers something new in both PvE and PvP. Let’s start in order.

Stage 1

A new season has also begun. Raids, dungeons, honor systems, and battlegrounds will be implemented. In World of Warcraft, full-fledged PvP was previously restricted to the third and fourth stages.

A classic raid from World of Warcraft, the Molten Core, is available at the start of Season of Mastery. There are as many as ten dangerous bosses and armies of enemies inside. Heroic players can pick up various epic pieces and equipment when they kill them.

In Onyxia’s Lair, there is only one boss to face. Once Onyxia is killed, gamers will start a series of missions and obtain some nice items. Please prepare for the battle in advance by gathering maximum fire resistance, even though it looks simple.

Known for its history, riddles, & inhabitants, Maraudon is a complex of dungeons. You can find dozens of interesting quests and passable equipment items inside WoW Classic’s first and highest-leveled dungeon.

Stage 2

A dungeon complex packed with enemies, bosses, and secrets, like Moroudon. It contains dozens of quests, items, and a world populated by Ogres, Demons, and Satyrs that players can explore. Levels 38 and up are required to play.

Azuregos is the first boss found in Azshara in World of Warcraft history. Maximum level players can kill the dragon, and epic items and mission materials fall as loot.

Kazzak can be checked in the Blasted Lands and is the second World of Warcraft Classic boss. While it is slightly harder than Azuregos, the reward is also more valuable. A long chain of Priest quests starts with the mining of this item.

Stage 3

Located in the depths of Blackrock Mountain lies the legendary Blackwing Lair. Nefarian is known for his love of experimentation and desires to breed the perfect dragon, and this is his lair. The final battle would occur at the top of the mountain after gamers battle hundreds of enemies. These quests reward players with epic armor & weapons, set T2 parts, and consumables for completing various quests.

Darkmoon Faire is a place where the holiday spirit abounds. The players earn special currency for completing fun quests and a reputation with the faction. In light of the accelerated mode in the WoW Season of Mastery, it’s best to prepare in advance for this seasonal event.

Some Darkmoon card decks are considered Basic Items (BIS) for characters of certain classes. As parts of the deck are scattered all over Azeroth, the chances of falling out are tiny.

Stage 4

Various troll tribes guard Zul’Gurub in the Stranglethorn Vale. Only 20 players are allowed inside to encounter dark rituals, many enemies, & Hakkar, the most ancient god. Loot is an epic piece of equipment, a mount, or a quest item. Armor tokens are also a possibility.

In Season of Mastery, a faction no longer available in World of Warcraft was added – the Green Dragons. Before, the story, missions, and battles were all new to many gamers.

Stage 5

A big part of what makes Ahn’Qiraj, so epic is that thousands of players open the gates with their hands at the beginning of the campaign. There will be tons of resources to collect, hundreds of missions to complete, and reputations to gain. Additionally, persistent people may become owners of a legendary mount – the Black Ahn’qiraj Battle Tank. The player with the most strength will earn the title “Scarab Lor.”

The Ahn’qiraj raids are now open – as the main quest is completed, you will also unlock the Season of Mastery PvE content. The Ruins of Ahn’qiraj, a 20-player raid with six bosses, including Ossirian the Unscarred, will open first. The loot is epic.

After that, the Temple of Ahn’qiraj opened a place that evoked nostalgia among World of Warcraft players during the Classic Season of Mastery. There are six mandatory bosses that a group of 40 players has to face, the main one being C’thun, and three optional bosses. There are also quest items, epic items, and Tyr 2.5 tokens. Several quests reveal the war of the ancients.

Stage 6

A defining moment in the history of World of Warcraft is the discovery of Naxxramas. It has a capacity of 40 characters and is located in the Eastern Plaguelands. The strongest boss is Kel’Thuzad, a familiar lich to fans of the series. Sets of T3 parts, cool armor and weapons, and consumables make up the booty. The WoW Classic Season of Mastery rewards each magical class with shards of the legendary staff.