Outdoor Landscaping Solutions

All homeowners dream of having a gorgeous and usable outside living area. However, the reality is that most of us will never have that dream backyard. However, there are several ways to use outdoor landscape solutions that will help improve your backyard experience. Here are a few ideas that will help become happier with your backyard that is simple and easy to implement.

Outdoor Living Spaces

If you truly want to enjoy your outdoor area, creating an outdoor living space might be just what you need. Creating a patio area will not only allow you to enjoy your backyard and relax outside, but it will require a lot less maintenance than a grassy area.

While a patio area is a great way for your entire family to enjoy your backyard, you will need to find some comfortable outdoor furniture that will help to complete the look.You can get an entire outdoor pavilion from a place where there are outdoor pavilions for sale. It’s worth investing in some quality patio items that are durable and weather resistant. Adding an outdoor fireplace will also help to improve the space. Whatever you choose to do with the area, it will definitely give your backyard area the new look that you will love.


If you have a pet, Cozy Crates recommends investing in a wireless fence system. These systems are almost impossible for a dog to escape from. If you have a dog that is somewhat curious, you may have a pup that wants to dig up your ground wire, but otherwise, a wireless fence system is equipped with a warning signal that will immediately alert a system to any type of breach. With this extra layer of vigilance, you may see an advantage in a wireless dog fence over the more traditional wireless fences.

The transmitters of a wireless fence system with collar receivers are pretty durable. The transmitter is typically mounted in an environment that has extreme temperature changes, either in the basement or garage, that is lightning or waterproof.

A wireless fence is pretty easy to install, and many manufacturers often offer at-home training for your dog during the most important first days of the system where the learning begins. This depends on the range and complexity of your system, and a wireless fence can be up and running in just a few days.

You can include several dogs in just one system. And some systems even let your yard link up with neighboring yards that allow you to expand your boundary to further expand your barrier. Typically, most sized dogs and dog tempers are contenders for this technology. Wireless fences tend to be a more typically affordable option when you compare them to a typical fence. When the technology becomes more affordable and better, the manufacturers will be able to pass on the savings to the consumer. You will also be able to maintain the wireless fence at a cheaper cost than you would a typical fence when you consider the need of repairing, cleaning, and painting a regular wood fence, particularly if your dog likes to climb, dig, or scratch a wood fence.

Use Mulch

If you have grass that is patchy in some areas, mulch can be an awesome alternative to removing the healthy parts of your lawn. A perfect solution for grass that is in a shady area, mulch is able to break down, so it will also fertilize plants as well as make a great spot to grow some flowers. Mulch is also very low maintenance that only needs to be replaced once a year, typically in the spring.


Everyone wants a little bit of privacy. Even really good neighbors do not want to be acknowledged each time they go outside. There are several landscaping solutions that you can install to create a privacy screening that will help you keep some of your backyard life private. This includes trees that create a “living wall” that uses shrubs and trees to afford the privacy that you need or want. This is a great option for those that don’t want to install a fence or deal with plants that need to be maintained.

Pest Infestations

There are tons of pests that are able to infest your garden and make short work of the plants in your garden and all the work you have put into growing them. Just remember that you aren’t helpless when it comes to the pests that are devouring all your plants. Even if you don’t want to remove all the pests that are creating problems on your property, it’s still important to research how to deal with the pests that are creating issues instead of just fencing them out. This includes deer, rabbits, and groundhogs to help find the best landscaping solution that fits your tastes and needs.

Plant Ground Cover

If you are someone that likes to think out of the box, then a plant ground cover area is a great no-mow lawn that might be just what you need. A ground cover area made of a plant isn’t just made out of grass. There are tons of other plants that can be used for a ground cover that will spread cover quickly as well as add some color. When you have an area where grass will not grow, then this type of area can be a great addition. There are several variations that you may want to consider for a plant ground cover area including:
• New Zealand Burr
• Creeping Thyme
• Liriope
• Periwinkle
• Pachysandra
• Moss

Too Much Shade

Areas that have too much shade are always a problem area for any yard. This should be considered as the opposite of a problem area that gets too much sun. if you have an area that has a super shady spot, then fill it with plants and shrubs that love the shade.

While many homeowners struggle to find a way to grow grass, many other solutions allow you to create a wonderful backyard area without the hassle or time spent on it. Remember, that there are many great landscaping tips in the article above that will help you to enjoy your backyard without a lot of time and money spent on it.

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Written by Joshua White

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