Online Store with WooCommerce UPS Shipping Integration

Streamlining Your Online Store with WooCommerce UPS Shipping Integration

Make the life of your customers and your own easier with solutions that facilitate shipping processes from the moment of order placement to the moment of pick-up. Find out how to streamline  the process of shipping fulfillment in your store with UPS shipping plugins.

Get all features you need with the best WooCommerce shipping integration

There is much more to shipping than meets the eye. That is why it is beneficial not to overlook this part of the sales process. The more shipping methods, the more appealing the delivery options for customers. Unfortunately, multiple carriers and methods of delivery also translate into more challenging handling of shipments.

The good news, however, is that there are tools that can help you navigate the process. You can integrate certain plugins into your online store to automate processes such as cost calculation, shipping label generation or box packing. With UPS shipping, you can configure these and many other settings in just a few clicks.

Master your delivery rates with shipping calculator integration for WooCommerce

One of the key features of this solution is the UPS Live rates – real-time rates calculated on the basis
of data from UPS API for every shipping option offered by UPS. Any and all changes in shipping rates will now be adjusted automatically without the need for your intervention. Moreover, the plugin allows you to integrate your own UPS negotiated rates.

To make shipping even more efficient and cost-effective, use UPS automatic box packing. The solution offers automatic splitting of multiple products into individual boxes to accurately calculate the final shipping cost. It allows customers to save money on shipping when placing large orders.
You can choose from various types and sizes of packages to accommodate different categories
of products with Octolize WooCommerce integration.

If you wish to offer your customers free shipping for larger orders, you can also use this plugin to make
it happen automatically. There is a feature that allows you to set free shipping once a certain amount has been reached. This means that you can pre-define a certain price threshold, the exceedance
of which causes an override of normal UPS shipping rates and results in free shipping.

Complete WooCommerce shipping fulfillment integration

To conclude the process of shipment, you may offer your customers a convenient method of delivery by integrating UPS Access points into your store. It is a solution in which customers choose a nearby access point from which they can pick their package up at any time. The nearest point can be suggested automatically based on the address entered by the customer, which makes the purchase process even simpler.

Last but not least, you can further increase user experience by displaying the UPS estimated delivery date on the checkout page. With this feature, you will be one step ahead of your customers’ potential questions regarding the lead time. Thus, you avoid wasting time answering emails from customers eagerly awaiting their products.

Carry out your WooCommerce integration and enjoy the benefits

The solutions presented give you all the tools you need to make the sales process easier, both for you and the customers of your online store. Provide accurate delivery rates with automatic calculations
and offer flexible shipping options without spending hours on end handling the process by yourself from start to finish.

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Written by Joshua White

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