Online Gaming Themes That Have Stood the Test of Time

Online gaming is the trend that just won’t quit as more and more people join the online gaming revolution each day. Along the way a whole host of sub-trends have developed within the entertainment genre, one of them being that certain game themes have emerged over time.

Here we detail some of the ones that have taken on a life of their own, so that some players solely dedicate themselves to such themed games – ensuring they stay abreast of all the latest releases and upcoming titles.

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Whether people game on console, PC, or mobile, they will have noticed that certain gaming themes pop up again and again

Historical Time Periods

One of the most visited themes in the online gaming sphere is that of the historical game, which pops up across all sorts of game type. This is evident in everything from open world games to classic games like online board games and reel spinning slots. The sort of historical time periods that get recycled by games providers and developers again and again include Ancient Egypt, the Vikings, Ancient Greece, and the Aztecs. Such is the popularity of these themes that the likes of UbisoftPokerStars Casino, and Age of Empires, are constantly releasing news games that pay homage to ancient civilizations, mystical temple cities, and fearless adventurers. As gamers continue to seek out games that can provide the sort of escapism they are looking for, there is no doubt that this is one theme that will only continue to grow in popularity.

Natural World

Ever since Echo the Dolphin and Sonic the Hedgehog burst on the scene, the natural world and all its creatures have made for rich pickings for online games developers and publishers, who realized early on that even though many gamers were married to their controllers and keyboards, they still desired a connection to the natural world.

Some of the contemporary games that are dedicated to enriching the lives of gamers with stunning natural vistas and wild animals include Ori and the Blind Forest, Never Alone, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The theme is also heavily used in many classic gaming sites, with there being countless numbers of slot games that use ocean, jungle, and savannah themes to spice up their reels and backgrounds.

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Gamers dedicated to certain gaming themes will wait months for a new title to be released by developers – the anticipation reaching fever pitch by the time a big release date comes

Aping Real-World Sports

Despite all the disruption to their regular schedules, traditional pro sports continue to enthrall the general public, especially now that women’s sports are beginning to rival those competed in by men. Games developers have long realized the potential for high quality sports video games and have poured money into ensuring they hold the exclusive rights to leagues such as the NFL, English Premier League and the NBA.

Unfortunately, this race to acquire rights has often overshadowed the actual quality of the games themselves, leaving many fans desperate for sports games which live up to the hype that inevitably comes before their release.

There are, of course, some titles which buck the trend, with classics like Football Manager and NBA2K coming immediately to mind.

Fantasy Themes Reign Supreme

When it comes to online gaming themes, there is one undoubted king, that being fantasy. The sheer number of games that fall into this category are mindboggling, with people’s appetite for orcs, goblins and all things fantastical seeming to know no bounds.

It also does not seem to matter which device or platform people are playing on, with such games being every bit as popular in mobile app stores as they are on the cloud servers that PC and console users frequent.

Just some of the games that lovers of the fantasy genre are salivating over at this moment in time include Mercenaries Rebirth: Call of the Wild Lynx, Star Wars: The Old Republic – Legacy of the Sith, and Neptunia x Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars.