Online casinos in India hold leading positions

In the world of entertainment, online casinos have become very popular. It is because almost no one needs to go to the arcade anymore, and you can try your luck without leaving home. Opening hours are also irrelevant and do not affect the gameplay. 

You can read in India site review about how typical this is for a casino, for example, here. Therefore, it is not surprising that such platforms are experiencing such growth. More and more of our free time is spent within our own four walls, front of big and small screens. So yes, even working from home – especially after Covid-19 – is no longer a rarity

How it all started

The idea for an online casino was born in 1996 when a software developer from Microgaming came up with the first concept. That same year, the first online casino was launched called Inter Casino. To this day, many online casino provider sites use this software because of its originality and quality. During the software development, CryptoLogic supported the execution and verification of all financial transactions made on the Internet. During this time, CryptoLogic was the leading company in the field of online security. Initially, Internet casinos met with a great deal of opposition. Now, however, online gambling is widespread, regulated, and offered to the masses.

So what are the factors behind the fast rise of this branch in India?

The popularity of online casinos is due to several important factors, such as constantly improving security concepts, infrastructure, and, of course, attractive offers for customers.

Wide selection of games

Once you check out a traditional online casino, many well-known games such as poker, slots, bingo, blackjack, roulette, and others. However, compared to the old “offline” casinos like casinos, today’s online casinos offer significantly higher payouts along with incredible odds that allow players to win various prizes already during or after signing up.

Multiple bonus deals for loyal users and newcomers

Almost all online casinos offer their customers all sorts of bonuses, with providers trying to outdo the competition in their appeal. For example, some provide insurance premiums and a money-back guarantee if you lose a bet out of several bets made. So-called referral bonuses are also prevalent. You get a referral bonus if you recommend the provider to others, which will result in a new paying customer for the casino. Other online casinos may even provide first-time visitors with a no deposit bonus as a welcome gift that they can use to place their first bets – but always under certain conditions that must be met. These offers are understandably attracting more and more players, making extensive, well-known platforms, in particular, increasingly popular.

The mobile devices

The high speed with which people worldwide use cell phones for everyday tasks is the following significant factor driving the popularity of online casinos. In addition, the rapid technological growth and development have attracted many people to the Internet, which also contributes to the growth of live casinos in India. Furthermore, cell phone authentication and security issues have improved in recent years, which has increased confidence in online casinos.

In addition, especially offering Android, iOS, even the less popular Windows Mobile, is causing a surge in paying customers. In a sense, having your casino app has become a kind of quality standard. Every self-respecting gambling provider launches its downloadable app in stores – at best optimized for all standard end devices.

Gambling in India segmentation

The entire online casino market has been segmented, making gambling cheaper. If you search for online casinos for a gamble in India, you will find that it is now segmented by end-user, location, device, and type. If you look at the device division, the market is segmented into PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. On the end-user side, in some cases, you can find games only for men and women. Finally, if you look at the type, you will find virtual, downloadable, online, live, and web-based casino games.

The hype around virtual reality is also being used

Casino providers have also long noticed and picked up on the virtual reality trend in the gaming industry. And why not – computer games with virtual reality features are becoming increasingly popular in the gaming community, and almost every keen gamer owns a pair of VR glasses. The prices of such devices are also slowly coming down. If you’re on a tight budget, you can get a VR headset with a smartphone jack for as little as Rs 500 – anything is possible now. So it’s no surprise that casino software developers are now also stepping in and developing appropriate VR games for casinos.

Reliable online casinos everywhere

The majority of these internet casinos purchase their operating software from reputable companies such as Microgaming, Netent, and co to gain players’ trust and the market. Many popular software companies use regular random number generators to ensure that the dice are rolled at random and that the numbers are randomly generated. There are also different types of casinos. There are both purely web-based platforms and casinos that can be downloaded as an installable program. Many of these providers even offer live games. In live games, bets in roulette, for example, or cards in blackjack are handled by real dealers, and participating players compete against their rivals in real-time.

Improved Internet expansion.

Compared to a few years ago, Internet penetration has improved, although it is still a sore point in some places, especially in India. Most people across India are now using 4G-enabled devices and a DSL line at home, which makes downloading those online casino games very fast. In addition, several countries worldwide are planning to introduce 5G to make the Internet much faster again. Electronic devices used by players are also highly affordable these days.

Online payment security

The digitization of currencies also helps the online casino markets grow and secure online payment methods. Today, players can use U.S. dollars, Indian rupees, and euros, and some casinos even accept cryptocurrencies. In most cases, many online payments use internationally recognized currencies that players around the world can use.

Targeted mergers of companies

Companies offering online casino services depend on third-party companies to provide hosting, software, and transaction processing services. Ultimately, the cost of running the entire business is getting higher and higher. In recent years, several companies have merged, increasing their market share. 

Promoting global legalization of online gambling

Gambling has been legalized in many countries worldwide, and most online casinos are legal for adults. Most countries have taken this move because of the high incidence of fraud. As long as gambling remains a “gray area” and, if only foreign licenses are used, players often have no way to seek redress or otherwise take action against the providers. 

India’s current State Gaming Compact does not provide for national regulation. However, this would be an important step in not being perceived as a latecomer compared to other states. Meanwhile, Indian players continue to eagerly register at foreign online casinos because it is not illegal in principle. Here, the treasury also passes billions in taxes through itself.