When you sail into the enchanting world of online casinos, the first question is: what is an online casino bonus? Many online bonuses will greet you, and the most important thing is understanding the bonuses. Also, unless handled well, improper use may deteriorate your gaming experience. After reading these step-by-step instructions, we will show you how to get the most out of your bonus and deposit.

What are the risks of not understanding casino terms and conditions?

Bonus money sounds nice in theory, but the practice is slightly different and requires you to focus on the side where the terms and conditions are listed. It is the operator’s modus operandi regulating its business and customer relations. Bonuses always come with terms you must understand. Otherwise, players can lose everything unless reading the fine print. 

Here, you will discover how and when it is possible to pay the funds you won. In almost all situations, meeting these terms and conditions is an absolute must before requesting a payout. Therefore, the extra cash doesn’t flow to your bankroll just like that. Cash payments, as a rule, are possible after meeting the betting requests.

Casino Terms that you must know

When playing online casinos, you want to get the most out of your deposit. You must follow specific rules and get acquainted with the terminology to make it happen. We will show you the essential phrases and their impact on your quality online experience.

Wagering Requirements

To ensure all measures against the abuse of bonuses, online casinos set specific requirements that you must meet to claim your winnings. The wagering requirements usually consist of the money earned through the reward; whether you use free spins or wagering at a live casino, you must “roll” or “play” several times to withdraw it.

The turnover condition is the sum you will invest in getting the money. Most casinos bring a list of rules that must be followed to ensure the mentioned deal. A little calculation is necessary for this concept to be evident. Thanks to that, you will know how to choose a site with a prize that best suits your gambling budget.

For example, the site offers €50 if you deposit €10, and the wagering requirement is 5x. The equation reads as follows: 50 x 5 = €250. This further means that if you want to raise your winnings, you must first invest a minimum of €250.

Considering your online deposit money, the equation for playthrough requests looks like this: (10 + 50) x 5 = €300. So, that is the sum necessary to earn the mentioned prize. The same goes for winnings made through slots and free spins.

Some casinos offer gradual requests that change according to certain time limits. So study the site’s rulebook or contact Discord gambling bots before opening a new account. Once you make it, you have already agreed to the terms. Thus, for example, for the first seven days, the rollover is €20; for the first 30 days, the condition will be €250; and for 60 days – the condition of €500.

For a deal of €100, you must invest €500 within two months. Since everything happens gradually, this looks like a better deal but still calls for prudence.

Cash or Play Bonus

The cash bonus allows you to withdraw your winnings after meeting the requirements. There is another type of deal called the “uncashable,” “play,” or “sticky.” The winnings you make with this type are not withdrawable. Everything you win can only be used for the game. Therefore, we suggest you always read whether dealing with a sticky or payable deal.

Game Weightings & Restrictions

Different games have an extra percentage of the bonus contributing to the wagering requirements. In this way, the operators shield themselves from large-scale losses. Games that often bring big cash prizes, such as Blackjack and Roulette, are often excluded from these offers. While slots always contribute 100%, other games have a smaller weighting as follows:

  • Roulette 0%
  • Blackjack 0%
  • Baccarat 25%
  • Poker 25%
  • Live Dealer 0%
  • Progressive Jackpots 0%

Always keep in mind that online bonuses have a validity time. We discuss the time for downloading the offer, after which it becomes unavailable. It can also be the expiration date for using the offer or the expiration time during which you could meet the betting requests.

Size of Stakes

Players sometimes overlook this fact when it comes to the maximum bet for the bonus amount. If you place more than the required amount while using the active bonus, it will be marked that you are abusing the bonus, and the rules will not calculate your bet for receiving the reward. Always check the maximum amount of bets and the total amount of the desired prize.

Always be aware of what the maximum gain is. This may prove crucial. No matter how much you make during the extra rounds, you can only claim the sum prescribed by the upper limit.

Other Key Terms 

The time frame limits some deposit bonuses, i.e., they have an expiry date. This time frame granted by the best Irish casinos is around a week to a month but may vary depending on the online casino. Pay attention to this item because if you do not activate, i.e., use/redeem your time-limited deal after the given time limit, it is canceled, and you no longer claim it. Otherwise, keep the winnings (according to the conditions) after the time expires.

RTP stands for Return To Player percentage and the winnings a casino pays after winning a game. In principle, RTP is an integral part of every game to place a bet – slots, roulette, blackjack, and the like. It is the opposite of the house edge. RTP is usually high in games that are played for a long time – from 95 to 97%. To clarify, the game gives you back 95-97% of every coin you invested while playing. This frequency or sparseness of winnings is called variance, which can be low, medium, or high.

Conclusion: Read The Casino Terms and Conditions and Start Playing!

Once you deposit and accept a particular deal, there is no going back! It means, “I have carefully read the terms and conditions of the bonus, and I agree with them.” There are various clauses related to your bonus and potential withdrawal. Reading the conditions carefully and getting acquainted with them is always intelligent. What if you have trouble understanding the terms and conditions? You can always contact the operator via live chat. They will explain how the casino bonus works.

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