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OneDios – The All In One Customer Care Booking Platform, Book Service For Any Brand In 60 Seconds

Have you ever tried calling customer care? If yes, then you must have faced issues while registering your issue. First of all, you have to search for their correct customer care number. Finding it is a tough task in itself. Then waiting on the long list of holds makes the process even more frustrating. If you have come across such problems then you have come to the right place. OneDios is the replacement for conventional customer care wherein you have to search for the right number and then call them to get your things done. As opposed to that, OneDios gives you a platform where you can raise a request for any product with just 6 clicks! You will get more information about this platform in this article.


Established in 2019, OneDios is a platform for raising any service request for different brands.

The development of items that make living convenient has significantly altered our way of living. Every appliance, from an AC to a dishwasher, improves some aspect of our lives. However, how much has the method for scheduling service for these goods improved? To register your request, you had to endure the same draining and stressful process. This was the situation a few years ago, therefore OneDios was created to address these obstacles. Now, you don’t have to phone the call centre of the brand to schedule a service. You can raise a request without using the customer service number in just 60 seconds.  

How Does It Work?

OneDios has partnered with different brands for different services. Since managing a customer service department is just another liability for brands. It is a great option to give this responsibility to another firm, like OneDios. It decreases the burden on brands while giving better services. This platform reduces the number of time users spends while placing a service request via customer care. So, customers will have access to authorised services within seconds.

You may be wondering, how a long process of scheduling service can take only 60 seconds! We’ll let you know how:

Six-Step Process

You only need to complete a six-step process to raise a request. These six steps are six clicks on your phone and that is why it only takes 60 seconds for you to raise any request on OneDios. The steps are mentioned below for a better understanding:

  1. Choosing the brand
  2. Selecting the product
  3. Select the service or plan
  4. Add your address, if using it for the first time
  5. Schedule an appointment date
  6. Submit your request

That’s how easy and simple it is to use OneDios.

Advantages Of OneDios Over Customer Care

There are several benefits to choosing OneDios instead of customer service. Following are a few of them:

  • Forget The Customer Care Number

One of the perks of using OneDios is that you don’t have to look up the customer service number. Many times customers get the wrong number or sometimes the helpline number does not work. All these problems can be addressed with OneDios.

  • 60 Seconds Process

Whether you book any service from the official site or app, OneDios takes only 60 seconds for raising a request. When you compare this to the hours-long process of customer care, you will get the difference.

  • Status Tracking

Customer care does not give you the facility of tracking your service request. But when it comes to OneDios, you can track the status of your requests with one tap. 

OneDios gives you many more benefits such as plans for extended warranties, AMC, etc. All these aspects of OneDios make this platform an all-in-one customer care booking platform.

500+ Brands Trust OneDios

It has been collaborating with numerous brands; for e.g., it teamed up with Havells customer care to simplify the brand’s customer care procedure. Customers believe OneDios to be more practical than Havells customer care. OneDios is also linked to Kent customer care and greatly expanding services. OneDios is currently preferred by an increasing number of customers over Kent customer care.

Similar to Havells customer care as well as Kent customer care, OneDios has collaborated with 500+ brands and more are adding up due to superior services provided by OneDios.