Today, we will discover a great way to jump-start Amazon Sales that many sellers don’t notice. So let’s get into the details!

For sellers, mastering Amazon advertising is crucial to maximizing their sales. But, of course, in promoting advertising campaigns, they cannot avoid making mistakes. One of their most common mistakes is not taking advantage of Amazon resources.

In the following article, let’s find out the benefits of Amazon Advertising and how to utilize Amazon resources to drive more sales.

Benefits of Amazon Advertising

Advertising on Amazon is becoming increasingly important for sellers. Here are the advantages of Amazon advertising and the reason why you should consider this service.

1. Reach more customers

Through Amazon sponsored posts, your products can gain visibility in prime locations in the Amazon ecosystem. Placing your products in the right places can help them increase their reach to customers and drive sales.

2. Pay for clicks, not impressions

With Amazon PPC Ad campaigns, you do not need to pay for impressions. Instead, you just pay when a customer clicks on your ad.

3. Optimise ad creative based on performance

Through Amazon’s reporting feature, it is easy to measure campaign performance. That way, you can gauge how your product is performing with the current combination of ads and keywords. Then, from the results you get, it is easy to optimize your campaign to improve performance.

4. Target customers based on search terms

Customers are often on Amazon looking for products they want to buy. Reaching products with key search terms can save buyers a lot of time. It is possible to take advantage of this to reach your ideal customers.

Amazon Advertising Learning Console

Whether you are a new advertiser or a seasoned advertiser, it is recommended to join the learning console. So, you have the opportunity to accumulate knowledge to grow your business.

You will receive the Amazon advertising certifications after taking and passing one of their Certification Assessments. In addition, before taking the tests, you can take courses to absorb the details and definitions you need to run your Amazon ads.

To join the learning console, all you need to do is register an account. It is possible to register using the email and password you use to manage your Amazon Advertising campaigns. The registration process is free, easy, and quick.

The duration of a course lasts from two to twenty minutes, and you can pause them at any time

Benefits Of The Amazon Advertising Learning Console

According to seasoned Amazon advertising experts, these courses are beneficial. In addition, they provide valuable information for sellers who are looking to increase their Amazon advertising profits.

  • Learn at your own pace

Based on your own schedule, you can schedule a time to take individual courses. As a result, you have the opportunity to learn new skills quickly.

  • Customize your education

Depending on the size of your business, you’ll receive course recommendations to support your learning journey.

  • Get  certifications

Show off your qualifications and get certifications in Amazon Advertising.

Why Are The Amazon Advertising Certifications Necessary?

After taking and passing one of their Certification Assessments, Amazon Advertising Certifications belong to you.

Specifically, you will earn an Amazon Advertising digital certification badge when you successfully pass the Amazon Advertising Certification Assessment for that topic.

Your task is to choose the certification by subject and level, depending on your needs. However, before taking the Certification Assessments, you should complete the self-paced training online. Furthermore, you must fulfill any mandatory conditions required by specific certifications.

For more help regarding the Amazon advertising certifications, it is wise to rely on a trusted amazon marketing agency.

Amazon Advertising Blog

Amazon also offers an advertising blog where they empower and inspire advertisers both inside and outside of Amazon. Here they give you detailed information on case studies, insights, and news & updates. What’s more, they also provide helpful advertising tips to help you optimize your ad campaign.

So, as a seller, you should also visit the Amazon advertising blog regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does the Amazon advertising learning console cost?

Fortunately, the Amazon advertising learning console is free.

2. How do I get Amazon advertising certifications?

To get Amazon advertising certifications, you have to take and pass one of their Certification Assessments.

3. Can I access the learning console on my phone?

The short answer is yes.

It is possible to access the Amazon advertising learning console from any device.

4. What do their courses include?

After joining the learning console, you get to watch videos, take individual interactive courses. In addition, you can take a series of courses through a learning path.

5. What products can I find on the Amazon Advertising blog?

These products include:

  • Amazon Attribution
  • Amazon DSP
  • Amazon Live
  • Audio ads
  • Custom advertising solutions
  • Posts
  • Sizmek Ad Suite
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Display
  • Sponsored Products
  • Stores
  • Video ads

6. Are Amazon ads any good?

Yes. Amazon ads are not only good for business on the well-known marketplace platform, but they are also vital to the overall performance.

7. How much does advertising on Amazon cost?

There is no correct answer! The cost of your ad campaign depends a lot on your competition and budget.

8. Besides Amazon, which platforms apply pay-per-click?

Some social networks such as  LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter have also adopted pay-per-click.

The amount of advertising a seller has to pay is not fixed. Instead, it is usually driven by two main factors: the quality of the ad and the maximum bid a seller is willing to pay per click.


In general, there are many mistakes related to Amazon advertising, and one of them is not taking advantage of Amazon’s resources.

There is no denying that sellers can get many valuable skills by regularly visiting the Amazon advertising blog or joining the Amazon Learning Console. Thanks to that, the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns will be improved.

Hopefully, the information provided above is helpful to you. See you again in other valuable articles! If you want more professional advice and consultancy, don’t hesitate to visit website – you won’t regret it.

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