Here is All you need to know about the “Om nom nom nom” meme

Here is All you need to know about the “Om nom nom nom” meme

Om nom nom nom meme was a famous meme in the USA, Canada, Russia, and Europe from 2007 to the present. Let’s dig a little deeper into how “Om nom nom nom” became meme material for millions of internet users around the globe.

The origin of the Om nom nom nom meme

Om nom nono nom is a sound Cookie Monster, a character in the children’s Television Series Sesame Street makes while relishing food to express how tasty the food is.

Reasons why It went Viral.

Om nom nom nom became virally famous because of the actual sound ‘om nom nom’ by the cookie monster. It was picked up by many goodies across the internet to express the appetizing a food or any other thing is.

Om Nom Nom Meme was used in expressing various expressions by many types of communities across the social media sphere.

Here are some cool ones we found.

Om nom nom nom meme GIF

Current situation of Om nom nom nom” meme’s original creators.

Jim Henson is the inventor of the Sesame Street TV series. Frank Oz was the first person to play Cookie Monster from 1969 to 2004. Currently, David Rudman is playing Cookie Monster since 2004.

Links to Original Om nom nom nom files

First Om nom nom nom meme


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