“NuMilk” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

“NuMilk” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

“NuMilk” got featured on Shark Tank America in 2021 April. It was founded by Joe Savino and Ari Tolwin.

Numilk Net Worth in 2022

Here is an update on NuMilk’s net worth so far.

NuMilk’s Net worth before appearing on Shark Tank20 Million USD (business valuation)
NuMilk’s Current Net worth (2022) $55 million

NuMilk’s founders Joe Savino and Ari Tolwin have a net worth of 1 Million USD as of 2022

Updated :

Veganism has been one of the most spoken topics in the last few decades. Hundreds of people are browsing how to be a vegan day. Not only that they are curious about what is the best plant-based milk on the market.

Because it’s not only a part of the vegan lifestyle but also the best answer for lactose-intolerant people. So if you are one of them you should know about Numilk.

What is Numilk?

Numilk is a plant-based milk-making machine or vending machine. It is one of the easiest machines on the market and comes with plant-based milkshake mixtures.

Customers can select from types of real, pure, and whole food ingredients according to their preferences. Also, the company promised customers products without gums, fillers, processed sweeteners, and preservatives.

Who is the owner of Numilk?

Ari Talwin and Joe Savino are the founders of Numilk. Ari is an MBA graduate from Duke University, Joe graduated with a BBA from the Lubin School of Business. Both of them had years of experience in the beverage industry before joining together to start Numilk. Joe is the inventor of the Numilk machine.

What happened at the Shark Tank

Ari and Joe appeared on Shark Tank hoping for $1000000 for 5% of their business. They gave a chance to Sharks to taste their products after they told their story. However, all the Sharks were impressed after they heard about the home countertop machine.

Barbara Corcoran is the first one to drop out of the deal. According to her, it’s confusing and hard to decide with the fluctuating profit value. Followingly Daymond John is out for the same reason. Lori Greiner also decided not to invest. It’s because the product was not investable for her.

However, Kevin O’Leary offers them with $ 1 million loan at 1.5% interest to pay over 3 years. Also, his deal was for 5% of the business. But then Mark Cuban came with an offer of $ 2 million with a tricky deal. He offered$ 1 million for 7% while the other $ 1 million is a loan of 3% of interest for another 3%. However, they finally agreed to the deal.


Numilk is famous for its Almond milk because of its freshness and purity. The original machine was about the size of two refrigerators. Customers have options to select sweetened and unsweetened options. The specialty is they sell almond milk For $3.99.

Also, the machines generate around $ 50,000. But it costs only $ 30,000 for the production and could make lower to $ 150000. It was sold at greater new England and New York Whole food markets when they appeared on the show. So they were planning to expand and introduce other milk options like oat and Macadamia.

Even though their yearly revenue is not at a stable rate the profit from one machine was reliable. So this caught some sharks’ attention.

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What happened to Numilk after the Shark Tank?

According to the reports, Numilk is still in the business and hoping to ship the countertop machine in 2023. However, the deal with Mark Cuban didn’t go through until August 2022. Also, the company’s plan to work with Whole foods still didn’t continue.

However, Numilk Instagram got around 80000 followers and Numilk Facebook also gained attention after the show. Also, the amazing fact is the company got around $ 222000 in sales after Shark Tank officially aired. Not only that the company is now working with coffee shops. So, you can find Numilk around 69 coffee shops national wide.

Competitors of Numilk

Few companies are emerging and supplying similar products as Numilk. So,
Califia Farms, Vancouver, and Coconuts Collaborative are the companies among them.