Nine best I.T. scholarships in the U.S. in 2021

Informational Technology is everywhere. People have been in I.T. for years, and they have made our life easier and more productive. Students who have a knack for computers can become part of large corporations. They can focus on data, storage, security, and many other aspects of the I.T. world. Those who graduate from IT-oriented programs have bright career prospects and can apply for dozens of jobs requiring networks, software, applications, and operating systems.

Studying I.T. can provide students with titles like DevOps, data administrator, software developer, NLP developer, security specialist. However, the vast majority of such courses are demanding and pricey. Some universities can siphon off hundreds of thousands to get the desired degree! This is especially painful in the era of online learning, where you can get access to many courses for free. Fortunately, there are many I.T. scholarships to alleviate your financial struggles. Let’s look at them.

Alice L. Haltom Educational Scholarship

The program awards over $1,000 people who study Informational Technology or related fields. The main prerequisite the applicants should meet to become eligible is to be citizens of the United States, Mexico, or Canada. Aside from that, two recommendation letters, academic merit, and financial need, are other aspects to be considered by the committee. Students must prove their interest in the given field during the interview. The deadline for the program is set for May 1.

ALICOM Technical Student Scholarship

Candidates who pursue degrees in cybersecurity and cyber warfare can get a $1,000 renewable award. ALTICOM Scholarship focuses on the U.S. citizens who study at private or public educational institutions full-time. Students should hold a minimum 3.0 GPA score and be at least in their second semester of studies. Such a semester must contain at least 12 hours of classes. Moreover, applicants will be required to write a 1,000-word essay related to Informational Technology and related branches. The application deadline is June 1.

Apple HBCU Scholars Program Scholarship

Everyone knows that Apple treats its employees seriously. And so does it with regard to potential workers or simply talented people. Ambitious programmers who study at the Thurgood Marshall College have a unique chance to get a $25,000 scholarship. To become eligible, candidates should enroll full-time at a four-year college program related to I.T., computer science, computer engineering and have a 3.3 GPA score. Money is not the only award candidates will get. Recipients will be able to serve an internship in the main office in California during the summer to hone their programming skills. The due date remains open.

Betsy Y. Justus NCTA Founders Scholarship

Being a female-oriented scholarship program, it offers significant support to capable students of I.T. or engineering majors. The award was created ten years ago by the North California Technology Association. The Association provides female first-year students with a $4,000 scholarship. Applicants must qualify for in-state tuition, be full-time students at North California college, prove leadership qualities, maintain an average of no lower than 3.0, and present a letter of recommendation. The deadline for the program is May 31.

Betty Stevens-Frecknall Scholarship

Students who represent the Association of Information Technology Professionals are eligible to get $2,000 financial aid annually. Candidates must document their active involvement in the organization and be students of computer science or information technology degrees. The first completed semester, a no lower 3.0 score, and a full-time program are a must. Female students have more chances to get this program to fluctuate the field’s dominance by males.

Blacks at Microsoft Scholarship

Another large corporation offers substantial help for African American students who want to excel in the field of I.T. Microsoft program offers a four-year scholarship of $20,000 in total. Applicants should be high school graduates planning to enter universities every fall to study I.T., computer science, computer engineering, or computer information systems. To be eligible, people must prove their pure interest in technology, the ability to lead the team, and have an average of 3.3 or higher. The application process finishes on March 1.

ESA Foundation Scholarship Program

Undergraduate students can also get a scholarship of about $3,000 within the Entertainment Software Association program. The scholarship’s purpose is to provide women and willing minorities with financial support. Applicants must be U.S. citizens attending accredited colleges, have a 2.75 average, and be full-time students. They also have to demonstrate their passion for video game design, programming and/or coding finesse, and tech skills. The program aims to hone 30 people’s abilities every year. The deadline is April 1.

Generation Google Scholarship

Google annually gifts $10,000 to promising students who show their abilities in Information Technology. Eligible are those who study at U.S. colleges, showcase their engagement in the programming world, critical thinking, decision-making, and time management skills. Along with the mentioned sum, students will attend Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute and Google Scholars’ Retreat in Mountain View, where they will interact with other students and organize brainstorming sessions and various workshops. The application procedure finishes on March 3.

William J. English Memorial Scholarship

High school seniors who aspire to obtain a degree in I.T., computer science, computational linguistics, and other similar fields can get $3,000 annually. Applicants must be U.S. citizens living in Florida, plan to study at an accredited college, and demonstrate financial need. The deadline is set for February 15.


The I.T. industry is impressive these days. With enormous development, it attracts many people to enter the field. And it comes as no surprise that students choose Information Technology and related disciplines because they are vital nowadays. However, pursuing these degrees may well be very expensive. Being snowed under with the assignments, you are highly unlikely to find a part-time job to cover your expenses and allowances. Luckily, you don’t necessarily have to ruminate about it since there are many scholarships to help you dedicate yourself to studies entirely.